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House “Both Sides Now”

A man, Leo, and his girlfriend, Annie, are having dinner at a restaurant and overhear a man who insists on complaining about everything. Leo throws some rolls at the man, prompting the man to walk over to him in an agitated manner. Leo tries to apologize profusely, saying it wasn’t him, but then Leo spills his glass of water on the man. After some physical force, Leo begins acting strangely and even passes out. He is then transported to Princeton-Plainsboro, where the doctors discover that he has had brain surgery causing him to have split brain syndrome, and his left hand “hates” (read: does not cooperate with) him.

Meanwhile, House awakes after his night with Cuddy and smiles, but he then realizes that Cuddy is no longer in his home. At work, Cuddy acts peculiarly, and gives House certain rules to follow now that they’ve slept together. When House tells Wilson, Wilson is surprised, but in a good way. But, after his Vicodin detox, House is amazingly not in any pain, which Wilson attributes to romantic endorphins.Wilson suggests communicating with Cuddy about her and House’s awkwardness. However, each time House sees her, Cuddy has absolutely no acknowledgement of their being together. Naturally, he accuses her of taking some sort of drug to suppress her emotions and steals her coffee cup to run tests to prove it. The tests come back positive.

While House is fixed on his love life, it is discovered that, in a sense, Leo has two identities, each controlled by one part of his brain, which has no means of communication between the two parts. The second identity is the one that behaviors outrageously. During a test, Leo does not see certain words, but is able to draw or perform the word or command. Leo’s condition is worsened by a failing liver, coughing up blood, heart damage and arrhythmia.

Even though Annie left the hospital because The Left Hand hit her, she returns with new data. Every time Leo uses his special, extra-strength deodorant his hand acts out. It is concluded that there is a chemical in the deodorant that is causing all of Leo’s problems.

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House, unfortunately does not have the same luck in solving his. Cuddy’s coffee cup perplexes him, as it does not have any lipstick on it, but he knows she is wearing some. Therefore, to really get Cuddy angry so she finally shows some emotion, House shouts from the second floor into the lobby, in front of dozens of employees, that he and Cuddy have slept together. Cuddy is completely mortified and fires House on the spot. This is when House realizes that the tube of lipstick he had been fidgeting with during the day was not in fact lipstick, but a bottle of Vicodin. He becomes conscious of the fact that Cuddy has neither helped him detox nor has slept with him. All of it was a hallucination. He is not okay – he even begins to see Amber and Kutner again. At the conclusion of the episode, House is seen checking into a psychiatric hospital.

In happier news, also at the end of the episode, Chase and Cameron finally resolve their dispute about Cameron’s former husband’s frozen sperm, and they get married.
Spoiler Alert!
House is not all there mentally. House never detoxed from Vicodin. House never slept with Cuddy. House only hallucinated that his hallucinations of Amber disappeared. House, the diagnostician, is sick. Big time. Now, this is not the first time we have seen House ill – after all, the man has been shot before. But this time, it is different. House is mentally disabled, and House relies on his mind. This cannot be good and am almost afraid of what season six will bring in the fall.

In happier news, Cameron and Chase finally got married! Which is adorable and will certainly bring in a new dimension to the show, as the only married character right now is Taub, and we don’t see both him and his wife regularly the way we see Cameron and Chase.

Rating: A+

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