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Heroes “Turn and Face the Strange”

Loose ends need to be tied in this episode of “Heroes”. “Sylar” is dead, but, even after seeing the body, Bennet is skeptical. Meanwhile, Sandra comes to Building 26 to tell Bennet that she wants Claire back and is not leaving until she sees her, despite the fact that Bennet guarantees her safety. Angela calls Bennet and informs him about Coyote Sands, a place rumored about but of which is never spoken. She wants Bennet to join her, Peter, Nathan and Claire there.

Sandra serves Bennet with divorce papers. Their marriage is a cover for his job according to her, so it’s over. The unforeseeable happens, putting Sandra in great danger.

Matt Parkman is on the hunt for revenge. He wants to make Danko suffer over a loved one the way he was forced to antagonize over Daphne. To make things even, Matt will shoot Danko’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando are still trying to unite baby Matt with real Matt. Their mission, as always, is to rescue adult Matt.

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Eventually, all the Petrellis and Bennet meet up at Coyote Sands, some sort of abandoned medical facility of which Mohinder’s father was a part. And they dig.

 Spoiler Alert!

Despite the fact that this was a very good episode, something is bothering me. It’s a continuity error. See, back in season two, when Sylar was recovering in the middle of nowhere with the original shapeshifter, Candice, something different happened. When Sylar killed Candace, she morphed back into her actual body. This is not the case when “Sylar” dies. Therefore, wouldn’t this Martin guy turn back into himself and not stay “Sylar” once he was dead? I’m just saying the writers didn’t think this one out.

Otherwise, Sylar being a shapeshifter is causing lots of drama. Usually, I can predict these kinds of things like, “Oh! Now Sylar will be this person in order to get that so he can do this!” But, they have me guessing whether or not each character is who he or she is suppose to be.

I’d like to know more about Coyote Springs, especially with all of those buried bodies. With only three episodes left, surely this season will end with the most impressive finale we’ve seen yet.

Line of the Week: “Ando, make the face!” – Hiro, to Ando, to get baby Matt to stop crying

Rating: A

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