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Heroes “Into Asylum”

The heroes are all split up across the Americas. It turns out that Nathan brought Claire, who’s sporting a new ‘do, to Mexico, while Peter and Angela are in New York, and Sylar trecked over to Arlington, Virginia to meet up with Danko and Bennet. Sylar wants to join forces with Danko as they both have similar goals: they both desire those with powers dead.

Sylar, probably being sneaky for his own personal gain, gives several demonstrations of assistance to Danko, much to Danko’s displeasure. Yet, despite being unhappy about not finding a shapeshifter on his own, there seems to be a part of him that admires Sylar’s ability to track and locate him.

Meanwhile, Claire subtlety uses her healing ability to win a drinking bet in Mexico, in order to procure more money for her and Nathan. They have a heart to heart, but drunken Nathan falls through on his promises.

Angela has a new plan to reunite her family. Step one: retrieve Nathan and Claire. Step two: go to her sister, whom we have not yet met.

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Spoiler Alert!

Yawn. Oh, excuse me; I think I almost dozed off. “Heroes”, what happened?! Last week had fans sitting on the edges of their couches and their jaws dropping, and this week it was well, bland. Thank goodness for Sylar, otherwise this episode would have been completely worthless. I mean, we already know Angela wants to repent for her sins and bring her family back together, do we really need to see her praying for forgiveness at a church? Furthermore, was the spiel about how the church has been the family church for decades add anything? In my opinion, no. Additionally, we also are conscious of the fact that Nathan isn’t sorry for what he did and won’t change. A drunken scene in Mexico, in which he promises Claire he will change, and then retracts his statement the morning after, added nothing.

But, seriously, Sylar is awesome. He is even more of a villain than ever before, as he is actually working with Danko now. For whatever reason, Danko has decided to spare him in return for his help, thus the goal is to leave Sylar as the last person with abilities left. My personal theory is that by doing this Sylar will become the most unstoppable evil force in the universe, and therefore he will achieve whatever he wants. A part of me believes that Danko and Sylar are both using each other: Danko wants those with powers gone, Sylar wants all the powers. It’s a win-win until Sylar gets out of control, and we all know he will. I can’t wait!

Line of the Week: “You’re supposed to be Superman.” – Claire, to Nathan, implying he is a let down

Rating: C+

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