Heroes “Exposed”

Alex is camping out in Claire’s closet, unbeknownst to her mother. Claire has arranged for him to take a train to Albuquerque later on, but Alex refuses. He says the government will find him regardless of where he is, so he might as well be with his family. Naturally, Sandra discovers Alex. Claire tries to lie about the situation and pretend Alex is her new boyfriend, but Sandra sees through it. Sandra tells Claire she needs to stop lying to her because she is strong and knows more than she lets on. For example, Sandra knows that the house is being watched. She will help Claire and Alex if Claire promises to no longer lie.
Back in Manhattan, Matt and Peter receive a mysterious computer message from Rebel, an unknown who has also been texting Claire. Rebel reveals Daphne’s location and warns Matt and Peter that Danko and friends are coming. To help Matt, Peter borrows his powers so that both of them can control the minds of everyone in the building in which Daphne is held so that they can break in successfully. They coerce guards into letting them in and containing Danko, Nathan and everyone else in their main work room while Matt and Peter attempt to hack into the computer system to find Daphne.
On their drive to find Sylar’s father, Sylar impulsively pulls over to a deserted restaurant. He and Luke go inside, much to Luke’s confusion. Sylar has been there before. We see him nostalgically remember this occasion in 1980, in a black and white flashback. He remembers his father, specifically that he had an ability. His father sold Sylar to his brother and then harmed Sylar’s mother.
Agents break into the Bennet house, positive that Alex is hiding there, which is true. But Sandra’s quick wit and knowledge of a secret area through a vent in the pantry saves Alex’s life. After this, he is able to escape.
The episode concludes with a double take of double crossing, not necessarily to the advantage of our heroes. An unexpected person with abilities returns.
Spoiler Alert!
Oh. My. Gah! The incredibly amazing and intense “Heroes” of season one is back! We have human bombs, defined good versus evil and lots of double crossing, all elements which make “Heroes” the show we love. Not only do we have these character interactions, we also have the graphics that make this show wonderful. During Sylar’s flashback scenes, everything was set in black and white, a new device the powers that be on “Heroes” are trying out over recent weeks, and it is very effective. Even more visually appealing, though, is the fact that they used a Sin City – type effect where the color red was used, in this case for blood.
The biggest jaw-dropping surprise also came in Sylar’s memories. His father, the man that gave him up as a child, had the same ability as Sylar – the one where he is able to cut open another person’s skull. This power was used on Sylar’s mother, right in front of him as a child, and is now the motive for Sylar wanting to kill his father.
Possibly the most unexpected result of this episode is that we learn more about Sandra. She is not some fearful little creature. She is clever and knowledgeable, and will no doubt be an asset to all our heroes.
A friend of mine mentioned an excellent theory to me: Micah is Rebel. This is easily understandable due to the facts. Rebel only communicates by technology – computers, cell phones, etc, and Micah has the ability to “talk” to electronics. It makes perfect sense.
The most interesting part of “Exposed” came at the very end, with the dangerous puppet master breaking into the Bennet house, informing Claire that Rebel notified him, saying she is supposed to help him. This is the same man who tried to kill Meredith, Sandra and Claire early on in the season.
Line of the Week: “All I can remember is the cute little stories of you two bird watching around the neighborhood. You made him sound like Mr. Freakin’ Rogers.” – Sylar, to Luke, about his false presentation of his father
Rating: A++