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Heroes “Duality”

Ding dong the dad is dead. Arthur Petrelli, possibly the only person on “Heroes” who is more vile than Sylar, is no more. However, Sylar’s powers are getting stronger and stronger as he gets more and more angry with the lies that Angela and Arthur and Bennet and Elle told him.

Thus, he places Primatech on lockdown – with Claire, Bennet, Meredith and not-mommy Angela inside. “I’m gonna prove to you… that you’re all monsters. Exactly like me…,” he tells his prisoners over intercom. While trapped inside, Bennet decides to release the Level 5 detainees with the hopes one of them will eliminate Sylar. One detainee is the Puppetmaster whom we met earlier this season. He stands up to Sylar, and is killed without Sylar even touching him or telepathically slicing open his skull. Also, Sylar injects Meredith with adrenaline, making it impossible for her to control her ability. He then proceeds to lock Meredith and Bennet in a bullet-proof cell. Eventually, Bennet, Claire and Meredith team up against Sylar.

In order to save Hiro, who manages to make his way from the flagpole to the ledge 16 years in the past, Ando offers himself to be injected with the formula that Daphne steals while Peter, Flint and Knox destroy the Pinehurst Laboratory. Using his ability, he and Daphne are able to retrieve Hiro.

Nathan and Tracy do not want the formula destroyed and they do all they can to save it, but they fail. When Flint ignites Pinehurst, Peter saves Nathan in an unexpected way, even though Nathan reveals that he would not have done the same.

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Volume Three, “Villians”, comes to a close. “Fugitives”, Volume Four, commences three weeks later, with Nathan speaking to the President about everyone with abilities, suggesting the government round them all up and put them in a secure facility.

Spoiler Alert!

Ando is no longer a “constant”! I have to admit that I am deeply upset but this, because when the show’s only other constant, Mohinder, received an ability, his plotlines began to really bother me and, personally, I think his character is forever ruined. Nevertheless, a super-charge ability is pretty cool and out-of-the-box, although I am still weary about the predicted future in which Ando kills Hiro.

In contrast, I do like how Peter has some kind of power again. Perhaps he can someone reacquire them all.

Something tells me that even though Claire stuck broken glass into Sylar’s skull, we have not seen the last of him.

As for the fourth Volume, so far, I’m not particularly excited. I can remember back to the first season where the pre-winter hiatus cliffhanger was Peter’s vision of him exploding in NYC. THAT got me on the edge of my seat. However, little baby Nathan whining to the President is not affecting me positively at all, excluding the possibility that Micah will return.

Line of the Week: “I was about the destroy the formula! Couldn’t you have come later?” – Hiro, explaining his disappointment to Daphne and Ando after they bring him back to the present

Rating: B

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