Harry Potter countdown: Day one, Muggle witnesses appearance of wizards

Authorities received what they believe to be a series of prank phone calls on Tuesday, June 21 2011. Reporting what he calls “a real life uncovering of a magical phenomenon,” Andrew Rogers, 17, told police that he had seen two wizards “magically” appear down his fireplace while he was watching televison, on Tuesday night.

“The first time Andrew called, I thought he was completely serious,” said Lily Fibmen, 35, a local 911 telephone operator.

“He sounded real panicky, you know, like something serious had happened. I took down his information first, since that was standardized protocol, and then asked him what happened. He said that wizards had appeared in his living room and he had followed them through the smoke in his fire place to the real world of wizardry. To be honest, I think the kid is just sad that the Harry Potter series is coming to an end, hoping he’ll get Rowling to notice or something. Several other counties reported kids calling about ridiculous matters, such as dementors taking toilets or a Phoenixes lighting houses on fire, a bunch of hoopla,” Fibmen said.

Rogers reportedly called the police several more times, continuing his story that he had been to the “other side.”

“[The police] thought I was joking, joking for goodness sake. Why would I joke about something so serious! When these wizards puffed through the smoke in my fire place, you know like J.K. said they do in the Potter books, I stared at them. They started freaking out and calling me a stupid muggel that would reveal everything to the muggle world. They pulled out their wands and were going to try to wipe my memory, but decided no one would believe me any way. But, when they turned to vanish in the smoke, at the last minute I jumped in with them and saw everything. Everything,” Rogers said.

Rogers believed he saw much more than just wizards and witches carrying wands around, but also says he saw giants and trolls walking the streets.

“It’s hard to describe everything I saw, but it was simply incredible. Someone that looked like Slughorn slapped me because I called him a pig. He did not like that very much. But, you know, J.K. Rowling got the whole world of witchcraft and wizardry right! Everything that is in her books was a reality in this world. I did not, you know, see Potter, but I saw newspapers that had moving pictures. I mean that was so cool. I know if my high school paper had those, so many people would actually read them,” Rogers said.

After the police received their twelfth call from Rogers on Tuesday, they called his parents and asked that they disconnect the phone and have a serious talk about endangering public safety with fake police calls.

“His father and I took him downstairs and had a long conversation with him. But I do not think we really got through to him because he took my hand in his own and looked me deep in the eyes and said in a very scared voice ‘Mom, I see wizards.’ At that point, my husband and I just sent him to his room,” said Mrs. Laura Rogers, Andrews’s mother.

Rogers’s parents have banned him from seeing the seventh Harry Potter movie this summer, and have deducted ten cents from his weekly allowance.