Grey’s Anatomy “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

greys_anatomy1.jpgGrey’s Anatomy debuted its first show of season five. This two hour premiere gives us time to catch up with our favorite doctors, and not to mention the famous Dr. McDreamy. During the episode the hospital fights to regain its top position as the second teaching program, but struggles to keep it together. The hospital’s ranking is now at 12, which crazes the chief. Six patients are brought to the hospital after being in car accidents, all being best friends and married couples. 

Callie, Bailey and the chief work together on a surgery that’s only been performed a handful of times. The three freeze a man’s body in hopes that he will walk again. Complications occur during the surgery, but they pull through with success. 

Derek and Meredith plan their future by taking a step forward in their relationship by moving in together. Of course Meredith has her normal fears of intimacy, but overcomes them by the end of the episode. Christina gets injured, but recovers quickly from the help of Major Owen Hunt, an army reserve who is home on leave from Iraq. Christina takes interest in him after hearing and seeing all the medical tricks he has. The chief also takes an interest in Major Owen Hunt, asking him to come and work for him. However, Hunt refuses, saying he wants to return back to Iraq. Lexi struggles to work up the courage to tell George about her feelings for him but backs down just at the end. 

In my opinion, the episode turned out to be great. It was the perfect way to start off the season; it brought you right back to where the show left off and kept you wondering by the end. I never would have imagined the hospital going down hill and having to fight to regain its position. It was a very entertaining episode and definitely has me questioning what’s to come. I like the fact that they brought an army reserve into the show and hope they find a way to work him into the season. The show is always full of drama, and I think there’s a lot more drama to come.