Gossip Girl “You’ve Got Yale!”

College stress has crept back up again with Yale acceptance letters arriving at Constance Billard. Serena and Dan are accepted, but Blair is waitlisted. Eventually, Serena decides to decline her acceptance, knowing Blair will be next in line. Serena is now focusing on Brown University.
The new teacher, Rachel Carr, has given Blair her first taste of college life by giving the strait-A student a B. Blair worries that a B-paper will ruin her strait-A’s and decides to get revenge. However, her plan backfires and she is given a detention.  She needs to change her outlook and earn the trust of the school board to be considered an undergraduate at Yale.
Lily and Rufus are the ultimate couple. Lily takes him to the opera, showing that she is not afraid of what people will think of her with a man from a lower social class. After he studies the wrong opera, he feels like an outcast, not fitting in with the high society. Lily reassures Rufus that she appreciates his willingness to conform, but she likes him the way he is.

All the while, Chuck is working with Lily for a change in order to get the company back from his sneaky uncle. She realizes that papers were never signed before Bart died that would name Chuck her adoptive son, so with Chuck in agreement, he signs them. Thus, Lily will hand the company over to Chuck because she is his official guardian.
Trouble never ceases to exist.  While Lily is powdering in the bathroom, Uncle Jack pays her a visit. The unwelcome guest tries to harass Lily, but luckily Chuck realizes and breaks up the mess. Lily and Chuck seem to actually bond. Now that he is going to officially move back in, everyone is becoming like family.
“Gossip Girl” has been very good this season and this was just another great episode.  I enjoyed a new character who added a mix of real-life to the episode. Also, it is nice to see relationships that are lasting like Nate and Vanessa. Lily and Rufus are juggling all their problems very admirably and they look like they will last, as well. Sometimes there is too much drama and it was nice to see a blissful episode with a relatively good ending. Next week seems to be a repeat, so there will only be more to follow soon.


SPOTTED: Rating for “You’ve Got Yale!”: A