Gossip Girl “Valley Girls”

Flashbacks are all the rage, especially this week when we see Lily’s past. Prior to viewers knowing and loving her as Lily Van der Woodsen Bass, she was once called Lily Rhodes and Brittany Snow was cast to play her.

In the past, after running away from home, Lily reconnects with her sister Carol and ends the relationship with her mother, Cece. Along the way she meets new people and ends up where she is today. The flashback put her life into perspective and she realized that as much as her mother did mess up, she loves her no matter the circumstances.

Serena stays in jail and refuses to leave to spite her mother. Although, since prom is here, she leaves with Dan and they attend a great night together. Blair, on the other hand, has had her prom planned since she was a child and everything goes perfectly. Nate, the dress and the tiara coincide to create the evening she has always aspired to have. As the evening comes to a close, she realizes that Nate will only ever be her high school boyfriend and they break things off. It is for the better, and I think everyone knew this except for Blair.

Rufus and Lily are speaking to one another but it seems Rufus is still unsure of whether to trust her. This is putting a strain on the relationship as well as the almost-proposal.

After learning of Lily’s past, it changes my opinion of her. She went through struggles as a child, resulting in a good influence for her own children. Also, will next week be the last chance that Chuck and Blair could ever be together? With graduation upon them, what more could go wrong? Of course, though, with “Gossip Girl” something surprising is bound to happen.

XoXo, Gossip Girl

SPOTTED: Rating for “Valley Girls”: A-