Gossip Girl “The Serena Also Rises”

gossip-girl-tv-17.jpgIt’s the one time of year when NYC is more worried about new clothing on the runway than breathing, which could only mean one thing: Fashion Week. Serena has a new friend, Poppy, to replace Blair. Poppy’s a socialite with the right connections and hottest ticket in town. Blair is irritated by their fresh relationship and now has plans to win Serena back. In the meantime, Jenny is working very hard for Eleanor Waldorf and has missed 10 days of school. This is ruining her chances of staying in school, almost forcing her expulsion. Lonely Dan Humphrey is still trying to write a masterpiece, but receives advice to do something bold and daring. He decides to shadow Chuck and write about a different lifestyle. Dan gets in over his head and ends up risking his freedom in order to protect Chuck, which results in both of them landing themselves in jail due to a bar fight.

We finally see a sensitive side of Chuck when he reveals that his mother died while giving birth to him, forcing Burt Bass to treat his son terribly, as he is convinced that Chuck caused the death.

Another tragedy strikes when Blair sends home all the models from the runway show to get Jenny in trouble. Clever Jenny proposes the idea that the socialites, including Serena and Poppy, model the clothing. It is a huge hit until they realize that the last dress down the runway isn’t a Waldorf creation, but a Humphrey one of a kind.

The episode finally brought the heat when we learned that Jenny saved the fashion show, but also got herself kicked out of her pricey school. Serena finally stood up to Blair, telling her that she will not hold herself back just so that she doesn’t outshine her former best friend.

At first I thought this episode was very predictable. I was not impressed until the near end when I was shocked to see that Jenny is rebelling against her father and education. I was also pleased to see that Chuck has a story behind his ways and that the tension between Serena and Blair is escalating. Once again, this was not a funny episode, but it did uncover many truths and it leads the way for more storylines. I am eager to learn what will occur in the future for Jenny and the rulers of Manhattan’s finest.

Waiting patiently. XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “The Serena Also Rises”: B

A+: Episode is nearly perfect. It doesn’t get any better then this 

A, A-: Excellent Episode with only minor flaws or imperfections, a must-watch episode for anyone who enjoys TV 

B+, B: Good but not great episode, has flaws in a few key areas but still a great television experience 

B-, C+, C: Enjoyable show that has some obvious flaws, but has certain aspects that make it a decent show 

C-, D+, D: Episode with more weaknesses than strengths, barely watch able. But, worth a look if one is a fan of the genre 

F: Episodes receiving this grade are not worth the time. These have numerous shortcomings and flaws. Minimal to zero entertainment value