Gossip Girl “The Ex-List”

gossip-girl.jpgSenior year is what everyone anticipates, everyone except Dan and Serena. They both dread going back to school, having to deal with confrontation after their dramatic breakup. There seems to be a twist to the plot when a new girl, Amanda, arrives. Blair calls her the “female Dan”, which only causes more controversy. Also, we finally see that Lily has returned from her honeymoon, but Bart, her new hubby, is continually on business trips forcing her to be alone. One of the most shocking parts of the episode is witnessing Lady Catherine and Marcus kissing in private. Vanessa happens to see this unfortunate event and takes a picture on her cell phone for proof.

Now that school is in session, anxiety is rising between Dan and Serena more than ever. Amanda is making her move on Dan, but Serena is not too thrilled with this gathering. The three of them decide to go on a “date” where Serena and Blair’s friends sabotage Amanda, making her hair fall out by burning it with a liquid drink. While Serena cancels plans with her mom to pal around with Amanda and Dan, Lily makes her way over to Rufus’ loft. As much as everyone is rooting for them to be together, Rufus makes it clear that Lily is married and the scene ends with Rufus’ date, Claire, entering the tension-filled room.

At the end of the episode we see that Chuck has orchestrated the entire Amanda plan, and that she was paid to have a crush on Dan so Blair would be “dethroned”. Now that Serena is in charge of the clique, Blair is fighting for the top position. Also, Dan enters the court-yard area and appears to be shunned by everyone.

In my opinion, this was a very good episode because it was shocking. I would have never guessed that Marcus would be having an affair with his father’s second wife. It added to the plot and felt that it gave it a twist. Also, I liked that Lily returned to the show, although I would love to see her and Rufus together. The acting is, as always, first rate, but there weren’t many clever lines. Usually the show is a lot funnier, but it was still overall very entertaining. I am pleased and excited to see where the story line will end up because at this point, anything is possible.
Can’t wait for more too come, XoXo.

Spotted: Rating for “The Ex-Files”: B+