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Gossip Girl “The Age of Dissonance”

Cleverly named, this episode was all about conflict. For senior requirements, the class of 2009, both from Constance Billard and St. Jude, had to put on a show. “The Age of Innocence” was the given play, although no purity could really be found. 

The school hires a fancy director, Julian, of Broadway shows, and Serena develops a crush. She tries everything she can to impress him, even using Vanessa’s knowledge of books to show off. It turns out he’s pompous and gay, which only makes Serena laugh.

There is never-ending drama tied to Dan, this time with Rachel. Although he has a thing for her, she is up to no good. He thinks her intentions are wholesome but in reality, she anonymously called Yale, complaining of Blair and also revealed secrets of Serena’s life. In the end she returns to her small town in Iowa, leaving a note to thank Dan for his unadulterated heart.  

A woman named Elle has returned, only stirring up more trouble. Out of all the people who could be evil, Chuck has some innocent potential. He tries to help Elle, only to find out she was after the money and does not need, or even want, his affection. As he lets her go, he goes to the one girl he should have never left: Blair.

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After the play goes crazy and each student ruins the ending, Julian is praised by a scouting agent for his clever work only to be mocked at by the senior class.

Overall, this episode was well done, but sometimes there were unnecessary scenes. After being off the air for so long, it could have added some more information and plotline but overall it did have significance. We now know that Chuck may want Blair back, but there seems to be tension between Nate and Vanessa. Also, Serena is a lone wolf, so where does that put her with relationships? Also, there was never a reason to add in Rachel if she would have just left, but we did see a new side of Dan. A point I’ve never mentioned prior is the voiceovers, which always seem to make me smile. Many of the lines are very clever which only increases my attention. Lastly, next week looks very interesting, especially with a possible Blair and Nate reunion.


SPOTTED: Rating for “The Age of Dissonance”: B+

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