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Gossip Girl second season off to a great start

gossip-girl.jpgSPOTTED: Rating for “The Dark Night”: A-

Previously on Gossip Girl, the Upper East Siders took some time off to mingle in the Hamptons for summer vacation. In the second season premiere, Serena and Nate are posing as a couple so Nate can have an affair with a married woman. Blair returns from Europe to spend time with her best friend, bringing along a new man. Chuck is jealous of Blair’s new hunk and begins to regret stranding Blair at the heliport in the previous season.  Also, while Serena is mourning the loss of her relationship with Dan, he is working for a famous writer back in NYC. Dan’s little sis, Jenny, has an internship with Eleanor Waldorf’s company. Jenny apologizes to Eric, and snags an invite to the Hampton’s White Party where she meets a very important socialite.

In the second episode of the second season, more drama is revealed. After learning that Blair’s new guy, Marcus, is in fact British royalty, she dreams of becoming the real “Queen B”. Chuck desires Blair and has some plans up his filthy sleeve for Lord Marcus. Serena and Dan appear to be back together, but are keeping their relationship a secret. Also, Blair catches Nate kissing his married mistress, Catherine, who we find out to be Marcus’s step mother and The Duchess. More attention centers on Nate when he doesn’t realize that Vanessa is falling for him.

In last night’s episode, the city-wide blackout allowed for a fitting title, The Dark Night. The big back to school party, hosted by Blair, is a hit in more than one way. Chuck has a loss of passion for any woman except Blair, while she feels there is a missing connection with Marcus. She tells Marcus to meet her upstairs, but while the room is dark, she “mistakes” Chuck for Marcus. Nate decides to make it up to Vanessa and go out together, but little did he know Catherine was spying. Vanessa wants Nate, but can’t compete with the evil Duchess.

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Jenny is fired from working for Eleanor Waldorf for stating her opinion, but is shortly re-hired after assisting in a new design. Dan and Serena become stuck in an elevator, and are forced to finally discuss the reasons of their previous breakup. After having the same argument, they finally agree to end their relationship for good. As the elevator door shuts when the power is restored, the words “I love you” are said by Serena, closing the show in a powerful way. 

This episode was very scandalous and provides much speculation for what is about to come. Past episodes have had more laughter, which this episode lacked, but overall it was still very entertaining. Some questions we might have: Will Blair stay faithful to Marcus? Are Nate and Vanessa destined to be together? What will happen to Dan and Serena? Are old friends finding new lovers in NYC? And lastly, when will Lily van der Woodsen make her long-awaited season two debut?

More to come next week. XoXo.


A+: Episode is nearly perfect. It doesn’t get any better then this 

A, A-: Excellent Episode with only minor flaws or imperfections, a must-watch episode for anyone who enjoys TV 

B+, B: A Good but not great episode, has flaws in a few key areas but still a great television experience 

B-, C+, C: Enjoyable show that has some obvious flaws, but has certain aspects that make it a decent show 

C-, D+, D: Episode with more weaknesses than strengths, barely watch able. But, worth a look if one is a fan of the genre 

F: Episodes receiving this grade are not worth the time. These have numerous shortcomings and flaws. Minimal to zero entertainment value 

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