Gossip Girl “Remains of the J”

When 16 rolls around the corner, many people think lavish parties and newfound freedoms are deserved. Everyone, that is, except Jenny. With her birthday in reach, Lily, Rufus, Serena and Dan tell her about their exciting plans to throw her a party. With a gracious apology, she declines their party, asking for a simple family gathering with board games and chili. Everything seems to be A-okay, but then Serena feels pressured by Poppy, an old time friend, to throw an amazing party.

As Serena calls back the caterers and socialites, Jenny is in the dark. It turns out to be a bad idea, ending with a trashed apartment and an adventure to Spain. Serena has gone off in search of her old-self to reclaim her status in a country that can be filled with attractive men and lower drinking ages. What will she get herself into?

All the while, Rufus is having trouble paying for Dan’s Yale finances and thinks about selling the loft and moving in with Lily. In the end, he decides to put it off, and take things slow, figuring out the future one step at a time.

Blair is after Nate. She simply wants her fairytale ending, so she makes sure he breaks it off with Vanessa. At the party, though, Blair and Nate see Vanessa and Chuck kissing. It hits home for Blair, but she quickly realizes she just wants Nate. Vanessa and Chuck’s plot to make their ex’s jealous has not worked, but this may have created a new couple. Now that Blair and Nate are officially together, will Vanessa and Chuck follow in their footsteps?

I loved this episode. It kept me interested and intrigued for the entire hour. Also, I really like Vanessa and Chuck together. They have a kind of mystery about them which makes it fascinating. Since the real life Vanessa and Chuck (Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick) are dating, they add charm to the show. I’m looking forward to see what kind of mischievous acts Serena has committed while being in Spain. It seems like she may have got herself married, but time will only tell. I look forward to the next episode.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

SPOTTED: Rating for “Remains of J”: A