Apple releases iOS 8

iOS 8 offers new features for the iPhone.

iOS 8 offers new features for the iPhone.

Samantha Abrams, Eastside Staff

Last week, the newest Apple iOS update was released to the public. iOS 8 comes with many new features as well as many new additions to the layout that is different from iOS 7.

One change to this new software update is the new messaging system. When the home button is double clicked, contacts that people have recently texted pop up on the top of the screen. This allows people to contact others faster with an easy way of responding or starting a message. Along with that, when a message is received, it will drop down on the top of your screen and offer what is called a “quick reply”, which allows people to respond without having to go into their messages and start responding from the top of the phone screen.

iOS 8 also offers another new feature to texting. While people are typing, words that are most commonly used in their vocabulary come up above the keyboard. Through this new addition, people are then able to select these words and continue typing. Another change to messaging is now being able to change the coloring of the keyboard and even changing it to a picture.

Additionally, the new photo app offers people more opportunities to tweak and edit pictures that are downloaded or taken by the phone. Someone with the new iOS 8 can also send his or her exact location to other people over text message from the app called Maps. Also, people can now not only add new members to group chat, but also delete themselves from group messages.

All in all, iOS 8 comes with many new features and changes to the iPhone compared to iOS 7.