American Horror Story to return to television next season

Every Wednesday night at 10pm, all homework is set aside, cell phones are put down, covers are pulled up high, the lights are turned off, and the television is turned on. For three seasons, the FX television series, “American Horror Story”, has provided viewers with a taste of the supernatural world, witchcraft, insanity and pure terror.

Each season possesses a different plot, starring the same actors playing different characters. This year, “American Horror Story Coven” bases its story line around witches and various types of witchcraft. In the show, Zoe, a teenage witch, is brought to a special school or house in New Orleans. Zoe quickly discovers that all the women living in the house are all witches.

Warning: Spoiler Alert.

With each episode comes enticing, unexpected situations filled with nerve-wracking obstacles. For example, on one episode in particular, the “ax man” was introduced into the show. In the early 1920’s, the “ax man” was a notorious serial killer and killed every Tuesday night. However, one Tuesday night, using their powers, the witches in the house killed the ax man.

Another instance is when Zoe and two other witches of the Salem house longed to find their former roommates body, and made the ax man a deal. All in all, the girls ended up finding the body in the butler’s room, also known as the attic, in his toy chest. In return for explaining where the body lay, the ax man was released from the house and free to roam the streets of New Orleans and possibly have the opportunity to strike again.

The name of the show, “American Horror Story”, is unmistakably the perfect name. The writers and actors make the hour-long show as disturbing, twisted and exceptionally horrifying as possible, and yet it still intrigues millions of viewers each week.