Adam Malumut draws a path for himself in the entertainmet industry

“I like to cause mischief with cartoons.”

Although stirring up trouble is not the typical outcome of cartoons, East graduate Adam Malamut (‘01) attempts to do just that.

Once he felt a rush from getting in deep trouble after drawing a nine-panel inappropriate cartoon of a former commercial art teacher, he realized that drawing cartoons was what he wanted to.

“Wow! I like making cartoons! This is fun!” he exclaimed when reminiscing about the experience.

Upon graduating East, Malamut attended Emerson College, where he studied television. This degree led him to move to Los Angeles, where he got his first job writing for the show “Reality Binge,” a show on Fox that ran throughout 2008. Although he did enjoy this job, as well as a few quick comedy shows and writing gigs, he decided that he wanted to do more animation.

Malamut explains that there are two worlds that he works in: first, the writing and producing, as he is working on his third kids game show, and secondly, he is also taking meetings to sell an animated show.

“I’ve always loved to create and draw and write and I just want to pursue all of these things in one occupation,” said Malamut. And this is just what he attempts to do.

He has a very interesting way of marketing his work, which sets him apart from others in the field. He does not sell his work from a script, but rather from two minute “shorts.” This has attracted a lot of attention because it is more fun for people to watch these clips rather than just to read from a script.

In explaining his imaginative nature, Malamut said, “I’m just a bunch of random creative things.”

When he started his animation company, he had some time to kill between animations. Utilizing his Photoshop skills, he started a tumblr called “bread people,” where he makes bread puns with the names of celebrities and then edits them on Photoshop to make their faces onto the bread. For example, Brett Farve sounds like Bread Farve so he edited his face with bread on his head. The next week, someone called him from LA weekly and wanted to write a story on him upon seeing his blog. Then LA times wanted to cover it. The blog immediately went viral with 700,000 hits in two months. Someone even started homage to his site called “cheese people.”

 In order to pack his “random creative things” together, he says that he wants to do every thing in one show, which is what he is presently working on.

Currently, he is working on a show called “Family Game Night” on The Hub, which is going into its second season. On the show, contestants play Boggle and Connect 4. As the game producer, Malamut is in charge of making the whole set of games into a television game.

In his free time, he dedicates himself to his blog at, where he shows “cartoons and other things” of his own work.

In the future, he hopes to make his own cartoon, constructing his own drawings and music. As his creative juices are continually flowing, Malamut hopes to venture on in the entertainment world and keep on making people laugh- while also causing a little mischief, of course.