Harry Potter countdown: Day 2, Emma Watson transferring from Brown to Hogwarts

Emma Watson announced early this morning that she is leaving Brown University yet again—this time to return to England.

Specifically, Watson is leaving the prestigious liberal arts college to go to Hogwarts for real this time.

She said, “Well, I get a lot of Hogwarts letters from fans. Some are more real-looking than others. But when I first got this letter, I knew it was different.”

According to Watson’s close friend and Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, Watson was standing at the mailbox waiting for Seventeen magazine. Radcliffe said, “Emma loves reading about the newest fashion trends in all the magazines, and Seventeen was due that day. But she came back from the mailbox all white-faced and shaking with this letter in her hand.”

Radcliffe said that he did not think the letter looked real.

“I’d gotten better attempts at the real thing,” he said. “And why was the letter all yellowed? And the paper was so thick. And it was in curly handwriting. Some people obviously need to watch the movies.”

But Watson’s suspicions were confirmed when she opened the letter.

“I knew it was real because it said ‘Dear Ms. Watson.’ The fan mail always says ‘Ms. Granger.’ And it was exactly the same letter as the one in the book,” said Watson.

Watson immediately cancelled all her classes at Brown University. “I originally wanted a liberal arts education,” she said, “but come on; I’m going to be a witch!”

Watson plans to be at King’s Cross Station by eight o’clock on September 1. “I want to be early,” she said.

She knows that she will be older than the majority of the students in Hogwarts, and that most of her peers will be eleven years old, as first years are, but Watson said that the benefits of being a witch outweigh these minor setbacks. Watson, who has already packed up all of her belongings and stolen several pairs of black robes from the set of Harry Potter, claims these benefits include being able to fly, defeating dark wizards and landing a job in the Ministry of Magic.

As Watson said, “Let’s be honest, there are only four jobs in the world of wizardry: quidditch player, ministry worker, teacher or being a healer. But I’ll use my witch skills in the muggle world, of course.”

At press time, Watson was leaning casually against the barrier between platforms nine and ten at King’s Cross Station, “just testing it out” in case the barrier had opened early.