Prom 2022 guide!

April 6, 2022

As prom season quickly approaches, the stress of finding the perfect prom-day necessities accompanies it. In this package, Eastside will guide you through the prom “getting ready” process by sharing local stores in the community that will ensure you will feel and look your best at prom this year!

Junior prom preview


Julia Rosten ('24)

Junior prom will be held on Thursday, April 7th at Auletto Caterers in Deptford, New Jersey.

The juniors of Cherry Hill High School East are going to experience a night as good as gold on April 7, 2022, for their junior prom. The dazzling event will take place at Auletto Caterers in Deptford, New Jersey, from 6:30-10:30 PM.
The prom will be the juniors’ first “normal” dance since their freshman year dance in 2020 due to the effects of Covid-19. Although there was a Sophomore Cotillion last year, it was completely out of the ordinary because of the numerous Covid-19 guidelines that were in place.
Auletto Caterers will be decked out in gold, black, and white to follow the prom’s theme of “gold rush.”

Interestingly enough, the Class of 2023 was originally planning on using this theme for their senior year prom next year. The class’s student government was deciding between two themes for this year’s dance – “gold rush” and the undisclosed theme for next year’s senior prom. Class of ‘23 Vice President, Kiran Muttathil (‘23), shared how “[they] ended up liking the other theme more so [they] decided to save that theme for senior prom because [they] could go much more all out with it next year, and still make the most of “gold rush” this year.”
The venue, Auletto Caterers, was an instant hit among the class of ‘23 officers. The building is both a ballroom and wedding venue, and it sits on a lake which offers great photo opportunities. Besides the chosen location, Muttathil shared that she and the other officers toured the Camden Adventure Aquarium, the Westin Mount Laurel, and the Collingswood Ballroom. “[They] really felt that Aulettos was the most spacious – they have a really generous indoor area and a large outdoor area as well – their outdoor scenery is really nice for pictures, and it was also the cheapest venue which was an added bonus for such a nice venue,” added Muttathil in regards to why Auletto Caterers was the final decision for their prom location.
As indicated in the name, the venue provides catering services. This was a major contribution to the deciding factor of the location for prom given that Auletto Caterers explained that they are very flexible since there are no third parties involved. Muttathil said how “[they] could bring any menu ideas to the caterers, and they would be able to make it happen, and that really sealed the deal for this venue.” Many fun food stations are going to be incorporated at the event that may not have been possible if a different setting was chosen.
Muttathil expressed how junior prom is going to be a fun, social night and a return to normalcy after the setbacks of Covid-19. The class of ‘23 student government has put a tremendous amount of work into planning what will certainly be a night for the juniors to remember.

Senior prom preview


Julia Rosten ('24)

Senior Prom will be held on June 2nd at the Crystal Tea Ballroom in Philadelphia

On June 2nd, Cherry Hill East presents its 2022 senior prom. With the venue set for the Crystal Tea Ballroom in Philadelphia, there is no doubt that it will be a night to remember. 

The tickets are estimated to be around $100, and seniors are already scouting out dresses. In fact, most already have them picked out, though this shouldn’t be surprising as young girls dream about their proms from the moment they know what it is. 

Lydia Chen (‘22), senior class vice president says that it will be “your classic prom” with the prom committee going for the theme of absolutely none. In other words, it will be the prom that you see on the TV screen. The committee is planning to have an elegant theme with gold, white, and silver being the main color scheme. 

A lot is still in the works and many things still have to be finalized, but the venue is most certainly going to be a hit amongst the students it would seem. Famous for hosting weddings and corporate galas, the Philadelphia venue should have no problem perfecting a prom for deserving seniors. 

Seniors can look forward to a great DJ and of course, a photobooth. Like any classic prom though, hopes are high that the dance floor is filled with eager students. 

Like any major event, prom requires a lot of planning and when talking to Chen, she said that SGA has been planning since the end of spirit week. A lot of work has been going into the senior prom to make it the best occasion possible, and while there is still much to be done, everything seems to be going smoothly and the senior prom should be just as magical as we see on television.

Prom by the percents

Eastside sent out a survey to the junior and senior class to see this year’s most popular prom picks.



Local florists: Sam’s Flowers

Sams Flowers has been making beautiful bouquets for over 20 years.

Sophia Liu ('24)

Sam’s Flowers has been making beautiful bouquets for over 20 years.

From the moment they step foot in Sam’s Flowers, customers are greeted by rows of vibrant, blooming flowers of all shapes, colors, and sizes. One of the shop’s walls is filled with colorful ribbons, balloons, and other accessories ready to be added as finishing touches for floral arrangements, while another houses shelves of gleaming ceramic pots and plates. Sam’s Flowers is a long-time favorite for students shopping for all their prom floral needs. The family-owned shop, which is located on 200 Burnt Mill Rd, has been serving Cherry Hill and its surrounding areas since 2001.

For prom, Sam’s Flowers offers a wide selection of hand-held bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. According to Jennifer Park, who owns and operates the store with her husband Sam, roses are a popular choice for prom flowers among customers. Nevertheless, the store has a large inventory of flowers — from lilies to alstromeria to carnations and more —  that they can craft into personalized arrangements.

Sam’s Flowers prides themselves on their ability to custom-make any flower arrangement. (Sophia Liu (’24))

“There’s no limitation, we can make whatever [the customers] want,” said Park. Customers usually bring in a photo of the style of flower arrangements they would like, and their shop is able to recreate it. Typical flower arrangements Sam’s Flowers creates highlight the customer’s chosen “main” flower, accompanied by some other complementary flowers, greens, as well as ribbons and even some metal accents.

When selecting flowers to pair with one’s dress, Park recommends to go with a color that is either similar or opposite to the dress color. 

“Each individual person’s taste is different, we can’t say what’s right or wrong, everyone likes different things,” said Park. In addition to prom flowers, Sam’s Flowers also makes arrangements for Easter and other holidays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, baby showers, and even “just because”. 

Park says the florists strive to make their arrangements as special as possible for students’ for their long-awaited prom. “Sam’s flowers make ordinary flowers into special flowers,” said Park.

Local florists: Jacqueline’s Flowers and Gifts

This is Jacquelines sixth year being open for prom.

Batul El Barouki ('23)

This is Jacqueline’s sixth year being open for prom.

Jacqueline’s Flowers has been open on 100 Springdale Rd in Cherry Hill since 2017 when Christian Ratell and Jason Hind purchased the flower shop accompanying Cafe Flora. Their mission has always been to carry on Jacqueline’s Flowers’ legacy and to make beautiful arrangements that put smiles on people’s faces

Prom season is one of the busiest times of the year but the owner, Christian Ratell, makes it a priority that their team “handles it very well as far as taking care of customers.”

Jacqueline’s Flowers employees urge customers to not get flowers that match their dresses or suits. (Batul El Barouki (’23))

The shop offers a wide array of arrangements such as corsages and bouquets but for Junior Prom in particular “the most popular is probably the bouquet for the girls and traditionally with the white rose.” White is their most popular color but this year “we have been trying to get people out of their comfort zones and do something a bit more exciting, so we have been pushing for a mixed flower bouquet,” said Ratell. Employees urge customers to not match their dresses or suits and to go with something bold.

The most popular mix they offer is their spring flower mix that comes in an array of vivid colors which all can be seen on the store website under the Prom category.

The most requested order for guys is the single rose boutonniere in a standard size with small white wax flowers. The bouquets very often contain white wax flowers as well.

With all of this pressure to make all the customers happy during this stressful season, it is important to be “staffed well and have reliable employees” in order to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Jacqueline’s Flowers’ organization and determination is what allows people to feel satisfied and truly adds the excitement of prom.

Dazzling dress boutiques in the community


Jessica Hippel ('23)

Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique carries a huge assortment of dress styles.

Prom season is right around the corner, and one thing that is looked forward to the most is the different styles and types of dresses that are showcased at venues each year. This year, the theme of the Class of 2023’s prom is “Gold Rush” and with fashion as a rising interest for many students, the possibilities are endless. There are many local dress shops that provide a special experience and help juniors and seniors find the perfect dress.

A favorite local dress shop is Jan’s Boutique located at 406 Marlton Pike East. Jan’s Boutique has over 10,000 dresses to choose from and just by driving past their store, beautiful gowns of every style are shown in their display window. These include short dresses, long dresses, sparkly, blue, white, yellow, and more. Walking into the boutique, it’s overwhelming to see just how many options there are as gowns on white hangers adorn the room.

Upon entering the room, it’s clear why Jan’s Boutique is such a favorite amongst local students. The staff is very welcoming and friendly throughout the experience. Audrey Ruggeri (‘23) found her perfect prom dress from Jan’s Boutique for junior prom and was delighted by the experience.

“There are a lot of options and styles … the girls that help you are so sweet and patient,” says Ruggeri.

Another popular local choice for prom dress shopping is Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique located at 999 W Marlton Pike. Unlike Jan’s Boutique, Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique has a more interactive store, as the place itself makes one feel as though they are five years old again and playing dress-up with friends. It is dimly illuminated with lavender walls and seating that’s perfect for dress shopping. These include a pink circle seat, coffee tables throughout, and white leather armchairs, as well.

Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique carries over 20,000 dresses, from wedding dresses to prom dresses in fun colors. There are so many to choose from, as choices range from a sleek pink dress with lace to a long-sleeved green gown with sparkles.

Joelle Kang (‘23) found her perfect prom dress from Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique and was surprised by their excellent service with last-minute dress shopping.

“I called in the day of without an appointment … they happily took me in,” says Kang. She also mentions that the variety of dresses that are offered enriched her experience as well.

However, Jessica Hippel (‘23) also purchased her prom dress from Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique and had some initial difficulties with details, though she says that it wasn’t Aimee Michelle Bridal and Prom Boutique’s fault.

“There were two gems (on the dress) that fell off and they actually glued them on and dropped it off at my house,” says Hippel.

As Junior Prom is on April 7th, and Senior Prom is on June 2nd, dresses have been purchased and hairstyles have been chosen. Now, East students are just excited for the fun to begin.

South Jersey salons to help you complete your prom look


Ella Goodstadt ('24)

Waterfall braids are one of the most popular styles at Bernard’s Salon and Spa.

Getting hair and makeup done is a crucial part of prom season. Finding the perfect salon really completes the process. Cherry Hill is surrounded by many amazing salons that are affordable and have very experienced stylists.
Bernards Salon & Spa:
Bernards has two locations. One in the Holly Revene shopping center in Cherry Hill and another in Marlton. They are known for their hair, makeup, nails, and waxings. They also do facials and hair coloring services. Bernards is also super convenient because it is located right next to Jacqueline’s Flowers & Gifts. Most people make their makeup and hair appointments at least three months in advance for Bernard’s since they fill up quickly. One of the great things about their stylists is that most of them can do more than just one appliance. Their artists are very talented and they are the perfect price for their work. They even do prom packages that are different every year.
Suede Salon & Spa:
Suede is located on the Promenade at Sagemore in Marlton. Suede is also known for its hair, makeup, and nails services. They also do waxings, facials, and massages. Most people make appointments for Suede at least two months before, but they do have many artists and availability. Suede also has prom packages that include makeup, hair, and fake lashes all for $155.
Louis Christian/ Robert John Salon:
Louis Christian is located in the Tuscany Marketplace in Cherry Hill. They are known for their hair and makeup services. They are definitely one of the more expensive options, but they have amazing reviews. Most people make appointments at least three months in advance for this spa. They also have prom packages that range differently every year.
Rizzieri Salon & Spa:
Rizzieri is located in Moorestown and is mostly known for its hair and hair coloring services. While they do makeup they aren’t as well known for it. They are definitely a further option but have very loyal customers. They say people usually make appointments with them at least a month in advance.
All of these places are amazing options and will get you looking great on your special prom day. All of these places are one-stop places, meaning once you’re in, you don’t have to leave. They can do everything you’d need to be done for your special prom day.

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