I can only express my true thoughts and feelings through deep, metaphorical, Shakespearean, poems

Lulu Pao ('12)

Lulu ponders the meaning of life...in iambic pentameter, of course.

True beauty ist thine nature. The life we liveth now is the façade for unknown horrors; unspeakable mistreasures; masked misery with which we associate our lifeless bodies. These halls host the shadows we overlook to camouflage the pain weast deal with day by day. Sunrise and sunset are mine only true friends. Do not judge they don’t, thou dost treateth my soul with the tenderness and respect of one thousand moons. Mine knowledge is limited. The vast emptiness I call mine brain rumbles hungry for the swallow’s song of knowledge past yonder that of the books the trees of wisdoms force upon we.

Translation: School sucks, I hate learning. I want to learn more important things, like how to ride a bicycle, or how to cook the perfect plate of spaghetti, not Trigonometry. And teachers are mean.

Love floats on my plate of happiness like the beat of mine heart. The vortex of time leads to a never-ending wheel of suffering and loneliness. Wilst thou sit upon thy lily-pad and swim alongst mine free-spirit?  Late is the blooming tulip whost scarce diamond shall fall. Many a dozen roses we discovrest in thine deep eyes.

Translation: I need a boyfriend…

The masters of the universe walk a thin line through the peril of laconic lies we minions create. We perish under the fiendish fabrications thoust believe in not. Crafty is he who surpasses the residue of evil substance. Yielding not the origen youst mischief saavy pioneers explore.

Translation: My parents are such nags. Everybody gets bad grades sometimes… jeez…

I conclude, my belovèd freeholder, waketh up to the bundle of surprise that shall come from within. Wence, from shifting joy dost thou find yet the quivering lips of humanity. Hold not peace of mind but rather infamous incredulity of thy heart. Listed of power shame besings mine gem. Granted mine vitality the curiosity of the seven sons. Good morrow and farewell.

Translation: I’m hungry… I guess I’ll grab some chocolate milk and a cookie from the Caf. and start my homework. I’ve got a lot to do…