South Jersey celebrates Friday the 13th with Diane’s

Most people associate Friday the 13th with witches and black cats, but South Jersey knows better. For this area, Friday, March 13 was associated with only one thing: water ice.

Over in Voorhees, specifically, Diane’s Italian Water Ices was crowded with East students who rushed out of school for the shop’s seasonal opening. The line extended out the door with hungry people fighting to get their favorite dessert.

East student Julia Susuni (’10) said, “It’s really exciting because it means it’s spring and school’s almost over!”

Although it was only about 54 degrees outside, Susuni and the rest of the water ice fanatics felt spring on its way.

The employees at Diane’s were excited as well. They said that they did not expect as much business as they received. At around 1:00 pm, the students started flowing in from Voorhees schools that had a half-day. East students followed soon after at 3:00 pm. The employees all agreed that 3:00 was the busiest time, as all schools let out around then.

With the opening of the area’s favorite water ice shops, Friday the 13th turned into an exciting holiday … for South Jersey that is.