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A Ruby and Jenna branch opens in the Promenade.

Ruby and Jenna is a trendy boutique that recently opened in the Promenade

February 3, 2017

Clothing store Ruby and Jenna made its way to The Promenade in Marlton this past Black Friday and has brought a new selection of trendy clothes and accessories to the South Jersey community.  The mother-daughter business has expanded to ten locations and is still growing throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut.  Marlton has the first glimpse of the boutique’s increasing fame in the South Jersey area.

“I started shopping there a few years ago in New York ,” said Marlee Beder (’18). “I’m excited that they’re close by and in a good shopping center.”

Owners Jenna Librett and her mother Barbara “Ruby” Lubel have been watching their business grow for the past ten years, staying true to their goal of selling trendy merchandise at reasonable prices.

“People shopping so far have been really enjoying the store,” said Librett.  “Everyone seems to think we needed a store like this.”

Ruby and Jenna’s new Marlton location has trendy styles that cater to various ages of women.  A teenage girl will often visit the store to do a little shopping alongside her mother and grandmother.  On many occasions, all three women will end up leaving Ruby and Jenna, each with a purchase of their own.

People shopping so far have been really enjoying the store. Everyone seems to think we needed a store like this.

— Jenna Librett

“We always joke, but we get people from the ages 15 to 80,” said Librett.

Ruby and Jenna wants to solve the common teenage problem of showing up to school wearing the same outfit as four other girls in class. The boutique makes the shopping experience individualized so each customer can make purchases that differ from one girl to the next by receiving shipments of new merchandise each day.

“We try to keep it fresh and interesting,” said Librett.  “We only buy 6 pieces of every style we get.”

Customers have also noticed how they can find items at Ruby and Jenna unlike department stores and other local boutiques in the area.

“The styles they offer are different from other stores around Cherry Hill,” said Beder.

Owners Jenna and Barbara focus on maintaining a warm and welcoming environment within each store.  They constantly change up the windows and racks with the new merchandise they receive daily.  Customers are encouraged to come in and browse even if they have no desire to make a purchase during their visit.

“We try to keep it very open and easy to shop,” said Librett.

Both owners and shoppers say that Ruby and Jenna’s items are sold at very reasonable and affordable prices for being such high quality.  From winter knit sweaters to spring sun dresses, Ruby and Jenna tries to price their rare clothing finds accordingly.

“We try to keep them at an average price range between $30 and $60,” said Librett.  “Ninety-nine percent of the time it would be under $100.”

The Ruby and Jenna experience isn’t quite complete without the personal shopping assistance of the employees.  They will never just sit behind the counter; they’re constantly fixing up racks, organizing tables and helping customers with purchase decisions.

“We really pride ourselves not only on merchandise, but also customer service,” said Librett.

“The sales representatives all go to great lengths to help above and beyond with personal attention,” said returning customer Christina McNamee.

As shoppers continue to rave about the well-priced quality clothing that Ruby and Jenna offers, the business owners hope to be able to expand as a company entirely in the near future.

“We are opening up a bunch more stores, and we’re hoping to open a website soon and continue to grow,” said Librett.

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