Romantic restaurants to try on Valentine’s Day

Laura Kane ('11)

Valentine’s Day is more than just a holiday to give candy hearts. It’s a great chance to try a new and romantic restaurant.

Miralle Café is an Italian restaurant on Rt 70 offering a variety of signature and original Italian dishes. It has big open windows in the front entrance leading to an outside veranda. It has a relaxed and romantic atmosphere with lighted wooden terraces surrounding the tables. On February 14th ,  the restaurant gives guests a fixed menu featuring the 2008 specials, along with candle-lit tables. During the course of the meal, the restaurant offers drawings for prizes. The meal is topped off with the Triple Chocolate Fantasy dessert.

Another special restaurant on Valentine’s Day is Toscana, located in Village Walk shopping center. It has a warm atmosphere with an outside fountain and comfortable seating. The restaurant is a mix of gourmet Italian and steak specials. On Valentines’ Day the menu will be similar to the normal Saturday food choices, but with the addition of a combination of the pervious week’s specials. The large focus on the menu is the flat bread, giving customers the option to customize their own pizzas or choose from already created pizzas.

If a Valentine’s Day date prefers a dinner a little out of the ordinary, it’s a great chance to take a cozy cooking class at In the Kitchen located on 10 Mechanic Street in Haddonfield. The school has a warm French atmosphere. The immediate classes are hosted by chef Cathy Gold. She teaches and helps students prepare a delicious meal.  Guests can interact with each other while making a savory three course meal, starting with a salad with baby lettuces and goat cheese croutons in cherry balsamic vinaigrette. This is followed by mushroom risotto and lobster in vanilla sauce. To top it all off, guests make coeur a la creme with raspberries. From the main course to dessert, everything is completely homemade, making the dinner taste fresh out of the oven.

If it’s true that a way to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach, these restaurants will most certainly follow through.