Rita’s begins the season with eight new custard flavors

Rita’s, located on Haddonfield Berlin Road in Voorhees, has eight new custard flavors.
Rachel Cogan
Rita’s, located on Haddonfield Berlin Road in Voorhees, has eight new custard flavors.

As spring approaches, our desire for refreshing treats grows. Whether one prefers custard or water ice, places like Rita’s are always an excellent choice.

The Rita’s located on Haddonfield Berlin Road in Voorhees is taking strides to bring customers a new custard experience. Over the last few weeks, this location started using a new custard machine that holds eight tempting new flavors.

These flavors include: coffee, strawberry, black raspberry, cotton candy, pistachio, orange, butter pecan, and mint. A sign is posted on the window at this local Rita’s to encourage customers to give these new flavors a try.

Along with offering new flavors, the special new machine is very efficient for employees. All the employees have to do is select the flavor the customer wants and the machine does the rest of the job.

The machine cleans itself and gets rid of the excess of the previous flavor before a new one is chosen. At my visit to Rita’s I could tell this feature allowed the employees to work quickly as more costumers arrived at the window to place an order.

Employees have noticed the growing popularity of these eight new flavors. Brandon, a first year employee, notices that people are asking to try the flavors and are interested in the new machine, which can be seen through the ordering window.

Rita’s, located in Voorhees, has a new mint flavor custard.

Multiple employees agreed cotton candy was the best-seller out of all of the flavors. It has been a huge hit, especially for Rita’s customers that already enjoy the cotton candy flavored water ice. Although I did not try cotton candy, I got to enjoy the mint and coffee custard, which I will be definitely ordering again.

A small cone with one of these custard flavors is approximately 230 calories, making it the perfect treat. These new machines are only available in a few locations, such as the store on Haddonfield Berlin Road and the Rita’s in Turnersville.

Everyone should visit one of these Rita’s on a nice day to find out which new flavor is their favorite.