Outdoor Club of South Jersey builds appreciation for environment through fun activities

For students who like a little environmental adventure on their weekends, the Outdoor Club of South Jersey should be considered as a club worth joining.

According to its home page, “The Outdoor Club of South Jersey is [not a] profit organization [and it is] dedicated to providing opportunities for extending the individual’s awareness, knowledge, appreciation, and enjoyment of the environment through experiences in outdoor activities.”

The club is open to all ages of people who are interested in enjoying activities centered around nature. Backpacking, bicycling, camping, canoeing, hiking and skiing are all various activities in which people can partake. Different groups are organized depending on skill level.

Tomorrow, March 8th, the club will be holding an orienteering day with the Delaware Valley Orienteering Club.

While the club mainly stays in the South Jersey area, it does take trips to other parts of the country, as well as to Canada.

May 2 the Outdoor Club will be hosting its Washington DC bus trip. Reservations must be made in advance and tickets must be ordered to participate in this event or any other trip the organization takes.

The Outdoor Club of South Jersey provides members with an experience in which they can connect with the community’s environment as well as with other people who share a love of nature.