Macy’s light show hits Philadelphia

If you get there on time, you are already late. The room filled with what are normally shoe sales is filled with children and adults of all ages. Held in Macy’s Center City, consisting of a fun light set up that surrounds a lit-up Christmas tree, the annual Macy’s light show that starts right after Thanksgiving takes place.

The one and only Julie Andrews’s sweet voice greets the audience as she invites you on a journey filled with classic Christmas stories.  The show begins with the story of the Nutcracker. You watch as the lights change from one little girl and her Nutcracker, to three-sugar plum fairies surrounding them. The story is accompanied by a lovely array of music from the famous ballet.  She then takes you back to other classic Christmas stories such as Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. As each tune plays, its respected images pop up along with it. On the backboard that displays the lights, there are figures such as snowmen, reindeer and Santa who rides along on a train, taking the audience with him through each story.

Dating back to 1995 the Macy’s show keeps its traditional feel by keeping the same lights; the show is simple yet pleasing and fun to watch.
The show ends with Julie Andrew’s saying,  “Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons,” and a live playing of the organ that is placed behind the lights and audience fills the room with the classic Christmas tune of “O Tannenbaum.”