Lights, camera, action: East picture day

When the spotlight hits you, you know it’s time. This is the day you’ve waited for; it’s the exact moment – the reason why you circled the day on your calendar and informed your mother weeks in advance. Whatever you do, don’t make your smile too cheesy. In a camera flash, it’s all over.On September 26, East held Picture Day, when students of all grade levels took pictures to be printed in the yearbook, on school IDs, and hung on grandmother’s mantle.

Many students spend time on the morning of Picture Day; they want to ensure that their pictures look good on a parent’s desk or neighbor’s wallet.

“I get up a half-hour early to do my hair,” said Amanda Kaufman (’08).

Kids at East look to put extra effort into their appearance each year. Mallory Goldstein (’08) thinks that dressing nicely, at least in the way of a relatively “dressy” shirt, is key to taking a good picture.

“I care about Picture Day,” said Apria DeGuzman (’08). “I usually get up early to get ready, but I didn’t this morning.”

Students like DeGuzman plan on re-taking the picture. If a student forgets about the day or doesn’t feel like putting effort into their look, they always have the option of re-taking their photo.

“Because there’s re-takes, the first take isn’t really important,” said Sam Wright (’07).

Many seniors agree with Wright, who has the mindset that Picture Day matters only in the way of ID picture. Seniors have already taken the picture that appears in the yearbook and sent copies of their senior portrait to friends and family.

“It’s just for my ID, so it doesn’t really matter,” said Gary Zimmer (’07).

While Picture Day means something different to each grade level, it’s a highly-anticipated event. Regardless of age bracket, students want to present themselves well on their ID, in the yearbook, and wherever else their picture might end up.

When the camera flash fades and the anxious moments are over, there’s nothing left to do but hop in front of a mirror and practice for next year’s big day.