IAmMikeDavis.com kicks off promoting show successfully with burrito-eating contest

Last Wednesday night, Mike Davis (’10) held the first event promoting his upcoming summer show on IAmMikeDavis.com at Panchero’s in Voorhees in the form of a burrito-eating contest.  The show will be the “first online late night live talk show” once it debuts this summer.  The weekly show will be similar to Davis’s Mr. East routine in the form of a hilarious talk show.

Davis set up the lineup for the burrito-eating contest with an eclectic group of eaters, including East students, former East students, a prison guard, Panchero’s eating legends and even Davis’s gym buddy.

The contestants were given four burritos to eat.  Rob Thomas, the prison guard, captured the competition.  Thomas referred to himself as the “senior citizen of the competition” as he was one of two adults in the competition.  Star volleyball player Eric Zaun (’11) finished in second, right before he had a big volleyball tournament just a half-hour after the competition ended.  East graduate Alex Belfer (’10) finished in third place.

Davis was pleased with the event.

“I think for the first event it went pretty well.  I’m hoping we can build off this experience and make it something more spectacular in the future” said Davis.