CHPL’s Teen Activity Board

Since the Cherry Hill Public Library’s opening, people have tried to get the community involved with the library by creating activities for people of all ages. Although the library holds the typical arts and crafts and book club programs for young children, Cherry Hill Library also hosts unique events for teens, which are organized by teens themselves. Welcoming all middle and high school students to join, The Teen Activity Board plans activities for students from 6th to 12th grade. Because it is run by teens, the programs planned by the Board ­­ are activities that are appealing to other teenagers. Through the Teen Activity Board, students can become involved with their community and library, while earning community service hours. Michelle Yeager, the librarian for the teen book section and organizer of the Board, said that a student receives two hours of community service for attending a Board meeting and additional hours for volunteering at the event. 

Future events planned by the Teen Activity Board include a teen band showcase on April 11, with performances by six local bands in addition to the raffles and music trivia. On April 15, the “Support Teen Lit Day” event will help raise awareness of Teenage Literature. To participate, first go to the library, where librarians will provide books and supplies to personalize a book plate. Then put that book in a random public place to promote Teen Literature Day.

“Anyone can join [the Teen Activity Board], we always welcome new members. We usually meet once a month but even then, members do not have to attend every meeting,” said Yeager. “Usually between ten and fifteen people come to a meeting.” 

The next meeting will be held on April 24. Students involved with the Teen Activity Board help the library stay up-to-date with their exciting ideas for new events.