East Students reflect on 2020

East Students reflect on 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 took the world for a loop. Nearly every aspect of daily life was altered, and many individuals found themselves in an area of self improvement, or self destruction. As for...

TikTok Takeover

TikTok Takeover

As internet applications increase in popularity, TikTok, the newest social media to take over the world by storm, has had an exponential impact on teenagers among many other demographic groups, especially...

2020 Dictionary

2020 Dictionary

Jamie Bookbinder, Remy Abrams, and Jeffrey Kaminer December 31, 2020

With emotions running high in 2020, people needed new ways to express themselves. With that, came a slew of new words designed to capture life in 2020 with all of its frustration, hope, despair, exhaustion,...

Holiday lights are a major part of the holidays and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Exploring the Holiday Lights

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is to check out some beautiful lights near you. This package has various Christmas light displays to check out. From a Cherry Hill residential light contest...

Wrapped Christmas presents.

Gift giving during the holidays

Obviously, one of the biggest parts of the holiday season is when everyone gives and receives gifts. These can range based upon time, tradition, and level of friendship or relationship. Also, if you are...

Angelina Li

Angelina Li

Angelina Li, Eastside Staff December 22, 2020

When I think of the holidays, I envision sitting by a crackling fire—enjoying a cup of piping-hot hot chocolate with sugar cookies. When I think of wintertime, I picture being surrounded by friends...

Components that make up a well-balanced meal

Jacy Dickstein, Eastside Community Editor December 7, 2020

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Eating disorders should not be glorified

Jacy Dickstein, Eastside Community Editor December 7, 2020

People thrive off of gratification. By the time a child enters elementary school they are primed to think that good behavior equates to a good person. Some teachers award students that perform well...

My ongoing battle with food

Anonymous December 7, 2020

Growing up in a society where everyone is judged makes life a little hard. Plus, it doesn’t help being surrounded by toxic diets. That is what triggered me. All throughout my life, I struggled with...

Eating disorders are very severe and impact thousands of people everyday.


Millions of people around the world experience troubles with eating and think nothing of it. However, eating problems are serious and can turn into a full-blown eating disorder. Some eating disorders are...

Individuals with an eating disorder are very self-conscious and are always aware of what they eating.

Nutritionist speaks her thoughts on eating disorders

Isabella Levin, Eastside Culture Editor November 10, 2020

As eating disorders vary in severity and diagnosis, it is difficult to pinpoint the best or most common method of treatment. Tabitha Zoltak, both a licensed dietitian and nutritionist as well as an employee...

People who have an eating disorder struggle with their body image and see themselves differently than others see them.

Psychological aspect of an eating disorder

Ziv Amsili, Eastside News Editor November 10, 2020

One of the factors that make a person more likely to develop an eating disorder is the way that their brain is structured and functioned. There are specific neurobiological differences in the brains of...

What is an eating disorder?

Brielle Lampf, Eastside Opinions Editor November 10, 2020

Throughout generations, people have struggled with eating disorders, whether it be anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), rumination disorder or countless other types...

Cherry Hill East welcomes new teachers

Cherry Hill East welcomes new teachers

Gia Gupta, Ellie Noh, Alexandria Fay, Jiwoo Lee, and Max Gaffin November 2, 2020

Cherry Hill East welcomes a number of new faces to the faculty for the 2020-2021 School Year. Four new full-time teachers have been added to departments across the school and they are excited to welcome...

A sample ballot of Cherry Hills elections

A look into Cherry Hill’s elections

As the 2020 general election  rapidly approaches, most Americans are focused on the general election. While this is important, many other local and statewide elections are taking place on November third...

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