Pete Cuddihy (21) is ready to compete in the 2021 Mr. East competition.

Pete Cuddihy

Max Gaffin, Eastside Features Editor April 20, 2021

Pete Cuddihy (‘21) will be taking the main stage at the 34th annual pageant of Mr. East, bringing his love for stage performance and acting with him. Cuddihy has made a name for himself at East through...

Jordan Grossman (21) is very excited for the 2021 Mr. East competition.

Jordan Grossman

Lily Lazarus, Eastside Culture Editor April 20, 2021

Between soccer, winter and spring track and SGA senior class president, it only seemed right that contestant Jordan Grossman (‘21), also known as Mr. Gettin it Done, chased after the chance to win the...

Seth Hornstein (21) cannot wait to show everyone his incredible Mr. East act.

Seth Hornstein

Ziva Davis, Eastside News Editor April 20, 2021

Seth Hornstein, (‘21) is an involved student. Participating in Thespian Society, theatre, French Honors Society, Cum Laude, and Performing and Visual Arts Society, he is definitely prepared to compete...

Tyler Semon (21) is looking forward to the 2021 Mr. East competition.

Tyler Semon

Jessica Levin, Eastside Managing Editor April 20, 2021

Whether it be marching across the football field as the drum major, participating in SGA events, or spending time leading the Rosa bridge program, Tyler Semon (‘21), also known as “Mr. Jackie Chad”,...

Peter Slattery (21) has been working so hard to put together his entertaining act for the 2021 Mr. East competition .

Peter Slattery

Angelina Witting, Eastside Editor-in-Chief April 20, 2021

During histamine at East, Peter Slattery (‘21) has participated in activities such as choir, theatre, a few other small clubs and he is a member of the Thespian Society. Competing as “Mr. Tall Drink...

Anish Suresh (21) is ready to amaze the East community with his one of a kind act.

Anish Suresh

Ziv Amsili, Eastside News Editor April 20, 2021

Anish Suresh (‘21), is quite involved in the East community. Currently the Mr. East contestant is president of Math club and National English Honors society, as well as his involvement in Science National...

The Mr. East Dance Chairs have put a lot of hard work into preparing for the 2021 Mr. East competition.

The Mr. East Dance Chairs

Amanda Merovitz, Eastside News Editor April 20, 2021

The dance chairs of 2021 Mr. East competition, Carly Fowler (‘21) and Melissa Shapiro (‘21), are excited for the East community to see the dance moves of the senior contestants. Since this year's theme...

The 2021 Mr. East contestants cannot wait to show off their acts for the Mr. East competition.

Introducing the 2021 Mr. East Contestants

The Mr. East competition is an annual event that the East community looks forward to every school year. On Friday, April 23, the 34th annual Mr. East Pageant will take place. Despite this years Mr. East...

Social media is very influential and plays a major role in everyones lives.

A Closer Look into Social Media

Social media has taken over our generation. In this day and age, people all over the world cannot spend a day without accessing their various social media platforms. Whether people use social media to...

Music has a major impact on the lives of many people all around the world.

The Power of Music

Music is an all-encompassing art that allows artists and listeners to develop a more thorough understanding of themselves. Eastside dives deeper into the true impact of music on society and how to immerse...

My journey as a first-generation immigrant

Avi Shohat, Eastside Features Editor February 22, 2021

When I ponder upon the transitions I have undergone, each one, one of the most prominent memories that come to mind is how I struggled to determine which culture and society I belonged to. From my...

Eastside celebrates self love, self care, and compassion this Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day: Self-Love Sunday

There are thousands of ways to show love to another, through material items, food, and signs of affections. However, society has lost sight on the one person that truly should be loved by yourself: you! With...

Looking at internalized racism through different lenses

Looking at internalized racism through different lenses

Although the ongoing struggle with racism in this country has reached the forefront of national news several times during the past four years, it has been in the forefront of millions of individuals’...

Despite COVID-19, East students have still managed to create new and exciting clubs.

Introducing the New Clubs at East

With the new year comes new additions to the long list of clubs at East. COVID-19 has provided more free time to students, and with this newly found time, many have taken advantage by creating new clubs...

Despite COVID-19, all the Cherry Hill East sports teams had a very successful fall season.


The 2020 fall sports season at Cherry Hill High School East was one that will be remembered for decades to come. 7 varsity teams were able to compete amidst the devastating coronavirus pandemic, bringing...

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