Sleeping With Sirens releases new album: Feel This

“Don’t make me feel low!” sings Kellin Quinn, front man of the band Sleeping with Sirens. The band originated in Orlando, Florida. Their new album, Feel, came out on June 3rd, and featured their new popular single, “Low”. On Feel, Sleeping with Sirens collaborated with many other artists. The album features artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, former member of Of Mice & Men, Shayley Bourget, Fronz the vocalist, and Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire. Quinn does a fantastic job of harmonizing with these artists.

Sleeping with Sirens has changed incredibly over the past few years. This album is, in fact, very different from previous albums they have made, such as If You Were a Movie, This Would be Your Soundtrack (the acoustic EP they released in June of 2012), and Let’s Cheers to This (a full-length album released in earlier 2012). Feel has an all-around heavier sound. Songs like “Low” and “Déjà Vu” have a faster tempo, and are fun to listen to. “Alone,” featuring MGK, is a crazy collab that mixes rap with post-hardcore, an odd yet interesting mix. “Congratulations,” featuring Matty Mullins, displays the real post-hardcore side of the band. “I’ll Take You There,” with Shayley Bourget, uses collaboration aspects brilliantly. There are slower tunes on the soundtrack such as “Sorry” and “Satellites”. The layering of the instrumental pieces is displayed well. The guitarist, Jack Fowler, and rhythm guitarist, Jesse Lawson, flow their instruments smoothly with the bassist, Justin Hills. Gabe Barham, the drummer, really puts his heart into the percussions. The band covered the lyrical facet exceptionally while the instruments and vocals mesh well together. This new album shows the band’s true colors.