Kara’s Flowers – We Like Digging? (1995)

Sometimes, even the most mainstream bands start small somewhere. When such small bands fail and fold, their history falls into oblivion; this album is one of those exceptions.

Kara’s Flowers was first a grunge, garage rock and alternative metal band that was active between 1994 and 2001. The band released two albums during that time, We Like Digging? (1995) and The Fourth World (1997). The Fourth World was more of a power pop and alternative rock-like album, while We Like Digging? is a grunge, garage rock-type of album. As of today, an estimate of 500 copies of the latter are believed to be in circulation. Needless to say, the album is extremely rare. Kara’s Flowers consisted of Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick. Essentially, the band was Maroon 5, before there was a Maroon 5.

The album begins with a low-tone, slow and distorted song “Peeler,” in which Levine’s mumbling and grumbling vocals accompany distorted and sludge-riddled guitars, immediately setting the tone of the album. From there on, the next three tracks, “Give Me Love,” “Mental Mind” and “Stable” all have unique hooks and styles, creating their own respective boundaries while maintaining the grunge sound. The next two tracks “Leave a Message” and “Miner” distance themselves from the grunge sound for a more garage rock type of sound. Both tracks have a build up to the chorus, in which the guitars, bass and drums explode with a dirty, distorted sound. The next two tracks, “Dame Cabeza” and “Clomb” immediately explode into a sea of loud noise with screaming, pitchy vocals and hard-to-decipher lyrics. The last two tracks “Genius” and “Untitled” are slow to progress to the climax of the song, marking a somewhat disappointing ending to the album.

While some listeners may find We Like Digging? repetitive, it is completely different than typical grunge. The album’s estranged sound, unique hooks and grungy, distorted guitars help to deliver its own type of uniqueness into the world of underground releases.