Students face sweet competition in lemonade contest

lemonade.jpgWith water pouring out of their mouths, and in some cases their noses, students weren’t too worried about messing up their fathers’ ties on Non-Casual Friday.

“This game is called ‘Make Lemonade,’” announced Mr. Davis. “But we’re not going to make lemonade in any style you’ve ever seen before.”

The competition consisted of four contestants, one from each grade level, competing to “make lemonade” in the fastest time possible. Contestants had to eat two lemon wedges, wolf down two spoonfuls of sugar, gulp down two cups of water and mix it all up with five jumping jacks.

After third period when Dan Folkman (’08) spilled about half a cup of water and defeated Ryan Burke (’09) in the process, a new rule was imposed whereby a five-second penalty was added to the time of any competitor who spilled water. Had this rule been in place during the third period competition, Burke would have defeated Folkman.

Freshman Isaiah Campbell (’11) took first place during fourth period. Matt Patane (’09) and Phil Hengy (’08) took second and third place, respectively. The sophomore contestant was disqualified.

In spite of their hard loss during fourth period, the sophomores managed to rebound during fifth period in perhaps the most competitive contest, when wrestler Francis Schmutz (’10) defeated football captain Mark Wickwere (’08) and fellow wrestler Jessie Lyman (’09), who took second and third place, respectively. Their effort was apparent, however, when Wickwere and Lyman somehow managed to swallow the rinds along with the lemon wedges. Schmutz defeated Wickwere by one second, but discounting a five second penalty, Wickwere achieved the fastest time of the day with a mere 23.6 seconds.

Senior Adam Zaken (’08) dominated sixth period with a time of 28.68 seconds, despite a five second penalty. Nick DeAngelo (’11) came in second and Brandon Miller (’10) came in third.

Photo by Nickee Plaksen (’10)/ Eastside Photo Editor