Spirit week dance practice kicks off

As Spirit Week at Cherry Hill East nears, so does the annual Spirit Week dance competition. The dance competition, held on the Friday before Spirit Week, involves each class creating a ten minute dance using a variety of songs all relating to each class’ sub-category within the main Spirit Week theme. The dance competition will be held on Friday, November 17 this year, and practices are already underway.

Participating in the Spirit Week dance appeals to students for a variety of reasons, one of which being the people to which they are exposed.

“It’s so much fun working on [the dance] after school because it brings [the class] together and is a great way to meet new people that you don’t see during the day.” said sophomore class vice president, Emily Zippilli (’09).

Out of the many students that get involved in the dance competition, the majority does not know how to dance, but rather they do it for the experience.

“Even though I don’t normally dance, I do the Spirit Week dance and have a great time,” said Taylor Franks (’09).

The quality of each class’ Spirit Week dance is not affected by whether or not its participants dance well, rather it is judged based on creativity and presentation more than the presence of complicated dance moves.

As after-school practices become more frequent and Spirit Week nears, the competition among the class’ for the best Spirit Week dance heightens. For now, each class can only hope to be the most creative and prepared in their execution of their dance.