SGA Vice Presidential elections: Meghan Marro

meghan-m-poster.JPGSlogan: Vote Meghan Marro for a better 2marro 

What have you done for the school already (including involvement in SGA)? 

My freshman and sophomore year I was a student rep.  Then this past year as a junior I was the Junior Class Vice President.

What are you hoping to change at East?  

I am hoping to change the school spirit and school involvement.  I want to try to get as many students involved in as many activities as I can.  I think our school spirit is very low and I want to try and change that.

What is your main priority? 

My main priority is the students at East.  I want to help them have a very enjoyable experience at East.

How will you accomplish these goals? 

I would talk to the students who attend East.  And I will be their voice at meetings.

How do the decisions of SGA affect the school?  Would you consider SGA involved in student life? 

SGA helps coordinate the fun events we do at East.  SGA is heavily involved in student life, considering SGA does everything to benefit the student body and everyone in SGA is a part of the student body.

What do you like about East? 

I like that at East there is always something for everyone.  It is not just focused towards one group of kids.  At East whether it’s a sport, drama, band, or a club there is always something for every student.

How are you different than other candidates?  Why should we vote for you? 

I am different from other candidates because I understand what it takes to be a Vice President.  My sister, who is now a freshman in college, last year was the vice president of our school.  I would appreciate your vote because I am willing to work harder for East than I do in any of my sports.  I want to make sure everyone enjoys their time at East.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 

I am a member of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer and Girls’ Varsity Winter and Spring Track.  I am a member of the Italian American Club, Adopt a Grandparent, and FOP.

Do you think East has enough school spirit?  If not, how would you, or would you not, address the lack of spirit? 

I do not think East has enough school spirit.  There is a small amount of students who have spirit, but it is still not enough.  I would address it by trying to get more students involved and interested in the activities that East does.  To me the more school spirited you are, the more you enjoy your time as an East student.

Why did you decide to run for vice president? 

I decided to run for Vice President because as a Vice President I know that I will be able to get my ideas about the school out on the table.  And I want to help make everyone’s’ times at East the best times of their lives.

What does the vice president actually do? 

The Vice President does most of the behind the scenes work.  They do not get all of the credit they deserve, but it’s a very rewarding position.