SGA Vice Presidential elections: Madison Back

madison-b-poster.JPGMadison Back (’09) 

Slogan: “I’ve got your BACK”, “BACK by popular demand”, etc.

What have you done for the school already (including involvement in SGA)? 

SGA representative (11th grade), organized spirit week dance (9, 10, 11 grade), participated in various clubs and activities (see #8).

What are you hoping to change at East? 

I’m hoping to amp up the school spirit and increase student involvement.  I’m also hoping to make East a place where everyone feels like they belong.

What is your main priority? 

My main priority is to ensure that everyone has a great 2008-2009 school year and to establish good relationships between each grade.  I want East students to look back on their highschool years and think “Wow, that was an incredible experience.”

How will you accomplish these goals? 

I will accomplish these goals by constantly staying focused and dedicated and always looking at things from a different perspective.

How do the decisions of SGA affect the school?  Would you consider SGA involved in student life? 

I would definitely consider SGA involved in student life because it is the voice of the student body as a unified whole.  SGA affects the school by making it more than just a place one goes to learn in a classroom- it provides opportunities for students to get involved and learn on another level.

What do you like about East? 

I love that there is truly something for everyone here- and if there isn’t, one has the opportunity to create it.  I also like how East enables its students to be independent individuals.  I think we have a lot of freedom here in comparison to other schools.

How are you different than other candidates?  Why should we vote for you? 

I am different from other candidates because I haven’t had as much experience in actual SGA, but my experiences thus far in life and at East have prepared me fully for this position.  You should vote for me because I’ll provide a fresh outlook and I really care about everyone who attends our school.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 

East activities include dance team, Eastcast/Cable 19, Adopt-a-Grandparent, and Eastside.  I also dance in the Jazz Unlimited Dance Ensemble outside of school.

What’s something most people don’t know about you, but you would like them to know? 

If you don’t know me, you probably wouldn’t know that I am extremely passionate about all that I do and I am very fun-loving.  I thrive off of entertaining others and making others happy.  I am loyal and I look out for the best interests of others.

Do you think East has enough school spirit?  If not, how would you, or would you not, address the lack of spirit? 

I think the school spirit is there, it just needs some serious boosting.  I would address this issue by trying to make easier and more appealing ways for everyone to get involved.

Why did you decide to run for vice president? 

I decided to run for VP because I realized that I love SGA because it combines two of my favorite things: using my creativity to create solutions to problems and enrich life, and helping other people.  Being VP would enable me to make East more enjoyable for everyone.

What does the vice president actually do? 

A VP helps run SGA meetings, organizes school events, aids in making decisions for SGA and the student body in general, participates in activities going on at East, brainstorms ideas to solve problems and enrich the East community, and actually makes things happen. A VP speaks for and serves the student population.