SGA Vice Presidential elections: Anthony Giannopoulos

anthony-g-poster.JPGAnthony Giannopoulos (’09) 

Slogan: Nothing is better than a Greek god.

What have you done for the school already (including involvement in SGA)? 

I am the vice president of the class of 09’. I contribute to all the events of CHE.

What are you hoping to change at East?
I don’t think the East needs any changes, I like the way it works, if anything I’d like to add more ways to get SGA to interact with the rest of the students. 

What is your main priority? 

My main priority is to remove clicks from East. I want everyone to be friends with everyone, so that we can work together on anything we do.

How will you accomplish these goals? 

I plan to accomplish this by adding a variety of events so that everyone in the school can relate to it in one way or another.

How do decisions of SGA affect the school? Would you consider SGA involved in student life? 

The decisions of SGA affect the school very much. They plan every event and are the backbone of school spirit. I believe that SGA IS student life. When I think of school I think of SGA.

What do you like about East? 

I enjoy everything about East. The friendliness of classmates, the drive to do well that surrounds you, and the excellent teaching staff.

How are you different than other candidates? Why should we vote for you? 

There is not one candidate that even compares to me. I care more for this school than any candidate could possibly. I think that everyone should vote for me, because I can connect to everyone, which means that I can help anyone at anytime. Anyone who knows me as Vice president of 09’ knows that I never miss anything.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 

I am on the baseball team and a club called world awareness.

What something most people don’t know about you, but you would like them to know? 

I have a BIG heart.

Do you think East has enough school spirit?  If not, how would you, or would you not, address the lack of spirit? 

I think that the certain kids that have school spirit, have a lot of it. There are some that don’t have any though. My plan to get more spirit is to make awards of all sorts and have several ceremonies to give them away.

Why did you decide to run for vice president? 

I love my school, and I love helping it as much as possible. I like knowing what is going on way before it happens. I most of all like helping my classmates, that is why I am running for vice president.

What does vice president actually do? 

My belief is that the vice presidents aid and assist the president with whatever he needs help with.