Senior Perspectives: Saurabh Shah

March 3, 2020

Well, this is weird.

I remember being a freshman “reading” senior perspectives, never believing I’d ever get to the point where I’d write my own. And here I am, three years later, typing out this perspective in stat while willfully ignoring Ms. Barnes, which will I’ll inevitably regret. I’m not entirely sure what to write about, but some advice in the style of Mr. Myagi seems appropriate. So, listen up, Daniel-San, this might help you out some day.

Wax On (Freshman year):

Let’s talk about freshman year. This is your year to explore, just try out everything. Join random clubs, try a sport regardless of how athletic you think you are. Just try out new things. School work will never again be this easy, so now’s your time to figure out what you like.

Wax Off (Sophomore and Junior Year):

Time to widdle down that long list of extracurriculars and really apply yourself. School is gonna get harder. You need to decide what you truly enjoy and what’s going to help you in the future and get rid of all the excess (wax off). Now it’s time to go for depth, not breadth.

Sweep the Leg (Senior Year):

The climax of high school, senior year is that final karate tournament where you’ll be put to the test. College decisions will come back. You’ll feel like they swept your leg. But you gotta get up and crane kick those mothertruckers.

I wanna see your baby browns, DANiel! (College)

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