Ravin’s Theory on Life: Appreciate Small Miracles

People always wish for the same things. They want to win the car of their dreams. They want an iPhone or Blackberry. They want to pass that benchmark in U.S. History AP or Pre-Calculus; they started studying the day before. Most of these scenarios are miracles if they happen. However, I think it is very ungrateful how people do not appreciate the miracles that already occur in their daily lives.

For instance, sometimes you are in the car and there is a green light. Nobody is next to you or at the opposite side of you, waiting at the red light. Then, just as soon as you are about to go past the green light, it turns yellow, and then red. What are the chances? The exact moment that you needed to go past the light it turned red: a miracle. Now you are stuck.

Also, think about when you are waiting in line at a fast food eatery such as McDonalds. There are a few people in front of you and you just want some french fries. Finally, it is your turn, and you ask for the large fries. That’s all you want and need. Then, this creepy old man that has worked at McDonalds since he dropped out of high school says the best thing ever to you…

“Uh, I think there are no more. You can wait, I’ll make some more. It will only be four or five minutes.”

It is never four or five minutes because this guy is so easily distracted. After the fourth time you ask him where your fries are he will tell you he forgot and he will put them on “right away”.

Luckily, or miraculously, everybody else was forced to get their food right away but, you got the opportunity to wait to get your already made french fries made.

People do not understand or appreciate the ordinary miracles that improve their everyday lives.

For example, when you are extremely thirsty and need a drink, you see the cold drinks inside the vending machine with the frost on the outside. But of course, the drink costs $1.75 and you need exact change. You only have two single dollar bills. Nobody has exact change, ever! So you simply gaze into the vending machine, wishing you could be inside there. Then, you begin to get irritated and then finally snap… and punch the machine straight in the glass. You thought you were strong enough to break through the glass but now your fist just hurts. The miracle just happened. You punched the glass hard enough to make a drink come out. But of course, you get sprite zero. Sprite zero tastes as good as Sprite, except, well; imagine Sprite without sugar, calories and taste. It works out in your favor… not really.