Pro-prom tips from Jake and Gina

 Having trouble finding a date to prom? Don’t know what styles are in this season? Need the most creative way to ask your date? Don’t worry, senior. The TOP TEN most frequently asked questions, hopes and prayers have been answered. Good luck and have fun! 

1.  Remember, no means yes. So if it seems like she doesn’t particularly want that kiss, just remember: she’s playing hard to get!

2.  Pimp canes will never go out of style.

3.  Forget the limo, travel by hot air balloon!

4.  Retro is in! So rock those afros and disco suits. (Pairs wonderfully with the aforementioned pimp cane.)

5.  Try substituting flowers with sauerkraut for your corsage… you might get hungry.

6.  Don’t have enough money to spend your after-party at the shore? No problem! Rent-A-Tent can supply you with a reasonably-priced tent for one-eighth the price of a shore house and your shore-experience will be even more hands-on than in a house!

7.  Ladies: Feeling dehydrated? Relax! Drink as much water as you possibly can. And regarding those bathroom issues; don’t worry! Your dress will soak up most of the urine.

8.  Does the person you wish to ask to prom already have a date? Not anymore.

9.  Do the Worm, Running-man, Stanky Leg, Dougie, Cat daddy, Jerk, Reject, Cha-Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Wave, Cupid Shuffle, and every other extremely obnoxious dance move that must be performed by at least one person at every dance. Yes, it is necessary.

10. Roller skates are making a comeback, wear them to roll into prom with style.