Spirit Week 2007 comes to an end at pep rally

sw1 finalToday, November 21, East ended another successful Spirit Week with an enthusiastic pep rally. The marching band welcomed a sea of students clothed in red and white as they filed into the bleachers and even along the floor.

To officially kick off the pep rally, the East cheerleaders performed to the styling of Britney Spears. After an opening with numerous flips and lifts, the homecoming representatives and their escorts paraded around the gym with each grade’s banner following behind.

Representing the freshmen were Julie Coben (’11) and her escort Max Silverberg (’11). Succeeding the freshmen’s Operation-themed banner were sophomore representative Andrew Wynne (’10) and his escort Gabby Aslanian (’10). After the sophomores displayed a creative banner based on Clue, Keenan Greenhow (’09) and his escort Melanie Sacks (’09) followed, representing the juniors. Before the seniors made their entrance, the juniors exhibited their portrait of Life for the entire student body to see. As for the seniors, the homecoming court consisted of representatives Eleni Efstratiades (’08), Tom King (’08), Rona Mann (’08), Mark Wickware (’08), Nicole Rossi (’08), John Mendenhall (’08), Carlea Lindgren (’08) and Max McGee (’08). The seniors were “taking over” as well with a Monopoly-themed banner. 

The school spirit continued as select athletes were recognized for their achievements in East’s fall sports. 

As the pep rally came to a close, the East dance team kept the energy up with a performance to Avril Lavigne’s song, “Girlfriend”. To properly close the pep rally, final point totals and standings for Spirit Week were announced: the seniors stole Spirit Week by an unprecedented 700-point margin over the second-place juniors. Following the juniors were the sophomores and freshmen in third and fourth places, respectively.