Milk chugging contest quenches Seniors’ thirst for victory

sw1 finalRaising their arms in triumph, the mighty Spartans of the milk-drinking competition chugged down their baby bottles in a ferocious battle of the classes.

One girl and one boy representative from each grade was seated on a platform, where the girls squeezed milk out of pink and blue bottles into the mouths of their male counterparts. The catch: the boys, who were seated on the girls’ laps, could not touch the bottle. The first team to empty the bottle won the most points for their class.

The seniors dominated all morning with Matan Freedman (’08), Dave Cohen (’08) and Mark Wickwere (’08) all taking first place in periods three, four and five. It took a full three periods, but the seniors were finally toppled during sixth period when Shawn Vidra (’11) came in first.

After losing to Francis Schmutz (’10) in Friday’s “Make a Lemonade” competition, Wickwere redeemed himself by taking the fifth period crown. Victorious in his effort, Wickwere jumped off of Diandra Dipiero’s (’08) lap and pumped his fist in the air.

Pressure proved to be too intense for the third period freshmen who jumped off the platform in utter defeat, disqualifying themselves. During the sixth period competition, the junior’s bottle came unscrewed, so they were forced to retire from the race.

After Freedman’s win with his teammate, Corrine Tucker (’08), Mr. Davis encouraged the runner-ups just before a ten-second countdown was initiated to speed up the race, adding, “My son is nine months old, and he can finish faster than you.”