Juniors retake Spirit Week lead after crab soccer and tug-of-war

After letting the lead slip following a mediocre performance in the volleyball competition, the juniors took back the overall spirit week lead, by coming in first place in the crab soccer event and picking up second place finishes in both guys and girls tug-of-war for a grand total of 450 points on the night.

The seniors, who were grasping to small lead coming into the competition, only gained a total of 350 points on the night, thus dropping to second place in the overall standings.

The sophomores earned a total of 325 points on the night, while the freshman earned 200.

Being that the race for first place between the seniors and the juniors has been so close, the outcome of the crab soccer and tug of war events could effectually sway the final results in favor of the class of 2008.

The first event of the night was crab soccer, the four-way head-to-head battle between the classes. With tensions brewing and determination radiating throughout the noisy gym, the first few rounds of play were plagued by silly mistakes.

While the first point of the night (remember, points are not good in crab soccer) was not surprisingly given to the freshman, the seniors went on to make two horrible mistakes that inevitably cost them the match, and the points. The next two points were given to the seniors after an own goal was booted in over the senior fortress and an illegal usage of the hands call was made on a senior player.

Ultimately being eliminated from first place contentions after the first three rounds of play, the seniors were lucky to gain a third place finish due to the inexperience of the young freshman squad. The juniors pounced on the opportunity, and delivered a victory on the shoulders of Mark Wickware (’08) and Shivi Cumarasamy (’08).

The next activity to take place was the tug-of-war competition. In the first round of play, the sophomore girls upset the senior girls to make it to the final match against the juniors who easily defeated a much weaker freshman squad.

The sophomore girls proved that their first round victory was not a fluke by defeating a tough junior squad in another upset for first place.

Surprisingly, the match of the night was the battle for third place between the senior girls and freshman girls. A much smaller freshman squad gave the seniors a run for their money, by putting up a valiant effort for a third place finish. In the end, however, the senior’s endurance and strength prevailed over the freshman’s determination.

There were no surprises on the guy’s side of the tug-of-war competition. The seniors, lead by Sam El Sherif (’07), Kevin Giunta (’07), Mo Alkiyal (’07), Francis Longo (’07) and Mackenzie Dadyan (’07) easily beat both the sophomores and the juniors to take first place. The rest of the classes finished in their respective order.crab.jpg