Heroes “It’s Coming”

We last saw Arthur Petrelli beheading Usutu and about to cause a great deal of harm to Hiro. Well, it turns out, that while we all know Arthur is capable of implementing the unthinkable, he actually took some kind of pity on Hiro, only wiping out all his memories past 10 years old. Thus, when Ando tries to save Hiro, he acts like he’s 10 and wants waffles (wahoo!). With help from Ando, they transport back to Tokyo.Arthur knows that Sylar deliberately slowed down Peter’s fall so that he would not die. This is how he knows that Sylar has empathy, which, apparently, is a way to receive the power of others without killing them. To demonstrate this, Arthur locks Sylar in Elle’s Pinehurst prison cell, where she is chained. An electrically-charged, and scorned, Elle is furious with Sylar for killing her father. Elle electrocutes Sylar repeatedly with all her might and begs him to “Go ahead. Kill me. Please,” because she is in immense pain. He tells her she must forgive herself. When she does this, her pain leaves and both she and Sylar have the electricity power. To thank him, Elle teaches him how to utilize the ability.

Matt and Daphne visit the comatose Angela Petrelli. There, Matt decides he must try to use his power to enter Angela’s mind and save her. Arthur enters the twisted nightmare and has “Daphne” stab Matt. The real Daphne sees Matt in pain – he is actually bleeding from his nightmare – and somehow begs him to allow her into his dream. She tries to receive Matt’s trust, but he is terrified of her, as “she” stabbed him. But, with a profession of love, Matt does trust her and Angela compels Arthur to let her go.

Spoiler Alert!

Whoa. This entire episode was intense. When Elle Bell was electrocuting Sylar non-stop and all he could do was forgive her, we learned that he could very possibly be a good person underneath the murder exterior. Also, it seems more and more possible that the missing mother to Sylar’s future son, Noah, could be Elle.

Anything that deals with Hiro and waffles is amazing and hilarious. But, make the normally 28-year-old Hiro 10 and it gets even funnier. Little Hiro playing tricks on the Tokyo bowling alley patrons also caused a chuckle here and there. Going to the comic book store and finding 9th Wonders! to guide Hiro and Ando is clever, but if Isaac’s dead, who is the artist?

The next episode seems extremely important and powerful, because it revolves around an eclipse, which is the very phenomenon that gave our heroes their powers.

Line of the Week: “They serve my favorite waffles here!” -10-year-old Hiro at a Tokyo bowling alley
Rating: A