A sample ballot of Cherry Hill's elections

A look into Cherry Hill’s elections

Lalitha Viswanathan, Sami Bell, Aiden Rood, Tomer Goldfinger, Naomi Bereketab, Emily Boyle
November 2, 2020
USPS worker carries a box of mail while wearing a mask

Mail-in voting: we must protect the USPS

Naomi Bereketab, Eastside Opinions Editor
August 22, 2020
Election official sorts mail-in ballots

The 2020 election: what to expect

Tomer Goldfinger, Eastside Global Commentary Editor
August 18, 2020
Trump and Obama meet for the first time following the election.

New Club at East Promotes Political Discussion

Sophia Liang, Eastside Staff
November 17, 2016
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