Senior Perspective: Jeremy Penn

June 11, 2013

At times, I look back at my four years at Cherry Hill East and wish I’d been more involved. Then I think about my current 24/7 schedule and realize that I quite literally lack the time to be in any more clubs. As you grow...

Senior Perspective: Shriya Joshi

June 11, 2013

If you told me during the past three year, sometime in between coming to school sick for two weeks straight and pulling three consecutive all-nighters the day before SATs, that high school was going to be the best years of my...

Senior Perspective: Michael Bruce

June 11, 2013

To make a summary of the greatest moments of my time at Cherry Hill High School East about anything other than its track & field and cross country teams would be a crime; for the past four years, they have given me life and...