What’s New on Degrassi: Season 10 Episode 29 and 30

Jordyn Tobolsky ('14)/Eastside Staff

November 7, 2010

  Umbrella, pt. 1 (Episode 1029) Air Date: October 29 Summary: Ever since she received the news about her parents’ divorce, Clare has been going through a really tough time. When she finds out they're selling the house and she'll have to be to...

What’s New On Degrassi: Season 10, Episodes 27 and 28

Jordyn Tobolsky ('14)/Eastside Staff

November 2, 2010

Love Lockdown, pt. 1 (Episode 1027) Air Date: October 15 Summary: The infamous Declan Coyne is finally back from New York to win the heart of Holly J Sinclair, once again. After they broke up during the summer, Holly J has ...

What’s new on Degrassi: Season 10, Episodes 25 and 26

Jordyn Tobolsky ('14)/Eastside Staff and Jordyn Tobolsky ('14)/Eastside Staff

October 28, 2010

Cherry Hill East students: my name is Jordyn, and from this day on, I will be providing you with everything Degrassi. Before the season break, there were several significant events that caused Principal Simpson to say that...

Update on NBC’s Community

Hannah Feinberg ('12)/ Eastside Community Editor

October 27, 2010

Dan Harmon’s Community, which starts off NBC’s Thursday night comedy block at eight, features a lovable cast of standard sitcom misfits, in equal parts reverence and mockery of hackneyed primetime fare.  Community has all the ...