Ravin’s Theory: the internet is just a distraction

Ravin Patel ('13)/Eastside staff

January 4, 2011

Some people say that the Internet is the greatest invention ever. However, for adolescents its one of the worst things ever created. Most of the homework a teacher assigns involves the use of the computer and Internet. There are...

Ravin’s Theory: high-fives trump all gestures

Ravin Patel ('13)/ Eastside Staff

November 7, 2010

Handshakes are great for formal occasions with teachers and parents. Hugs are ideal for family and friends. Anything beyond that is a little weird.  However, amongst the best are high fives - they work in almost every situation....

Ravin’s Theory on Life: Appreciate Small Miracles

Ravin Patel ('13) and Ravin Patel ('13)

October 4, 2010

People always wish for the same things. They want to win the car of their dreams. They want an iPhone or Blackberry. They want to pass that benchmark in U.S. History AP or Pre-Calculus; they started studying the day before. Most...