News reports publish illegal ages of chinese gymnasts

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)/ Eastside staff

August 22, 2008

The camera zooms in on a pale young girl’s face drenched in make-up. The crowd roars and flashes go off everywhere as Yang Yilin of China’s women’s gymnastics team takes her position to compete. Her eyes move in every directi...

Rosa teacher and students form connection with Uganda

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)/ Eastside Staff

August 8, 2008

 Gretchen Seibert, a seventh grade English teacher at Rosa International Middle School, wants to team up with her students to change Uganda. The name of the organization she and her students are helping is the “Outside the Dr...

Student reflects on grammar in the classroom

Naveen Yarlagadda ('11)/ For Eastside

July 19, 2008

A student walks into a classroom and sits down. He turns his head to the board, and immediately his arms sweat and his head aches with confusion as the board reads "Grammar Final Next Week." His stomach tightens and he sits th...